January 27, 2023


In case you haven't heard, Senior Point Guard for the Kingsmen Boys Basketball Team Markus Burton is the new All-Time Scoring record holder for Penn High School! Markus broke the record at last Friday night's game against Marian, who the Kingsmen beat! The Palace was packed and it was standing room only. If you missed all the excitement, click here for videos, pictures, team stats and all the details.

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Community Fitness Opportunities

As the weather quickly shifts from fall to winter, the school district is happy to pilot free fitness opportunities for the P-H-M community. This will take place four (4) days per week at the sites listed below.

Who is eligible to participate: The P-H-M Adult Community and Staff (no students). This includes residents of the school district and non-resident parents/guardians of attending students.

What: Access to walking/jogging tracks, open gym/basketball courts, and weight room.

When: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the sites listed below. Note: The fitness centers will be closed during designated school recess dates.

Weekly Schedule:

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Questions? Please see the assigned staff at each site to help answer your questions.

COVID Home Tests

The state has provided COVID home tests free of charge for students. Limit 1 kit (2 tests) per student. Interested parents/guardians should pick them up from the office while supplies last.

Order Your Yearbook Now

Click here to order a yearbook. You can also share your photos here, enter schumucker for the school code.
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Pay School Fees Online

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PTO Members & Volunteers

Join the SMS Team

Interested in joining the SMS community not only as a family member but also as a team member? Please see below for two opportunities we currently have available:

Educational Assistant: If you or someone you know has a passion for helping students succeed and feel yourself to be a life-long learner, problem solver and collaborative team member, then this is the position for you! Please reach out to me ( if you would like to talk about the details regarding this position.

Universal Substitute: If you or someone you know loves being in the classroom, and collaborating with teachers and students, then please reach out with interest or questions to me at ( The daily rate for this position is $115 and there is flexibility within the schedule.

Other Subbing Opportunities

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Elementary School Employment Opportunity: Select elementary schools are in need of staff members who have a passion for working with students through our Kids Club After School Care from 2:00-6:00 pm. Please note that there is allowance for flexibility with days and hours for those who are interested in working. Additionally, if you are interested in the position and have an elementary school student in the same building you're working, your student may attend Kids Club for free. For more information, please contact Binti Shah at: or (574) 259-5231 ext. 43204. Thanks for your help!

PHM Staff Social Media Guidelines 2022-23

Knowing that social media is a quickly changing landscape, PHM put together some suggestions for teachers related to best practices when it comes to posting information. We are sharing these with you in case you may find them helpful for your family/children.

These guidelines are intended to help support teachers in their use of social media.

In 2022, 81% of all adults in the United States used Social Media across popular platforms. Here are some things to consider when using social media as an educator today:

  1. Know who can see your posts - Take some time to understand and configure your privacy settings for social media. Do not assume your messages, comments, likes, or shares are private.

  1. Remember that the Internet is forever - Even if your privacy settings are locked tight, that doesn’t protect you from someone taking a screenshot of your post and sharing it with the world! People can still take a screenshot which could potentially last forever.

  1. Consider separating professional and personal accounts - This is not a hard fast rule, but it is much easier to keep your feeds clean if your professional and personal feeds are on separate accounts.

  1. Do not connect with students on social media! - It is never a good idea to “friend” students on social media. Stick to the rule of thumb which is “no student friends until after graduation.” If you are sharing student pictures on your professional social media account, do not share student information online, this includes pictures, until you have checked to make sure there is a “YES” Consent to Publish marked for the student in Skyward.

  1. Don’t vent online - Don’t create angry posts that include stories about people, places and things that are identifiable. Even if they are shrouded in “hypotheticals” they always come back to haunt you some day. If you are using social media accounts for work, stay away from rants.

  1. Scrutinize everything on the Internet - Make sure you know who you are speaking with online. Don’t assume the person is who they say they are. Always consider the source of what you are reading.

  1. Reread your post before you hit send - This simple act saves many educators from a little embarrassment. Check spelling, syntax and grammar before you commit your words to the internet forever. Remember the “24 hour rule”- in other words, consider waiting 24 hours before posting.

What counts as “Social Media?”

Social Media is defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” This involves any communication that you post online such as text, pictures, audio or video that is available to a wide audience.

Professional versus Personal:

  • Professional Social Media consists of any Social Media communications you create, share or comment on via a school email or account and/or concerning topics about your students, peers, class, school or district.

  • Personal Social Media consists of communications you create, share or comment on via separate personal accounts, concerning non-work related topics. While personal social media may include topics about education, it should not include specific experiences or examples that tie to your school or district.

Security Best Practices:

General information on Social Media and Security from Common Sense Media

Facebook Security Checkup

Twitter Security Settings for Teachers