Evangelicalism: A Social Movement

Abel Ledesma & Missy Hawes

The Evangelical Age (1901-1917)

It was a time when people joined together as Christians and came and broke the traditions of class, rank, and order. Evangelicalism was the people's return to Christianity in order to join together and view one another as equals again through Christ. It allowed the people as one to feel secure through the salvation promises within their belief. Some important leaders were C.S. Lewis who wrote Christian books, and Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver who held Christian services to promote evangelism. The goal of this movement was to connect people and bring them closer together through Christ. This goal was achieved, and Texas became a more Christian state as well as the United States sought a new perspective on equality and freedom.
Evan Roberts Preaching During The Welsh Revival

"Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny." -C.S. Lewis

What this quote means:

Because people go through hard times, they are prepared to go through less troubling times and are able to get through anything so that they can fufill their desires and true purposes.


1900-NYC Missionary Conference, 200,000 attendance

1904-Welsh Revival, ministry of Evan Roberts, 100,000 converts in six months

1908-Billy Sunday begins citywide campaigns, 1 million coverts by 1930