Gloves with love & hat from heart

A third grade community service project

By Cody denger

Colletion Due date Janury 5 to get hats and gloves end,s Febuary 9

If you are not wear a hat the warm will come out from back of your head.

Why its important to give back

You should give hats and gloves because people need hats and gloves to prevent a frostbite or a frostnip.In winter its so cold you going to need hats and gloves.
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Teacher contact info

La'kia Moore-Scott


Brookview Elemtanry

Melinda Pinner



Please donate at lease some hats and gloves to Brookview Elemanatry kids around the world need hats and gloves so they don,t get a frostbite in winter or frostnip and are is goal 1000 hats and gloves .
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Our goal is to donate 1000 hats and gloves .