Ze World War Two museum


Day one

When I got home my dad told me "to pack a suitcase were going to New Orleans to see the World War Two Museum. I was so happy a life long dream come true, when we got to the airport we found out we had a delay on are plane for two freaking hours. But eventually we got on the plane then badda bing badda boom I'm in New Orleans .

Day two

I woke up to the smell of hash browns, eggs, and ham. It tast so good, best part that there combined into one, even better there's orange juice. So after breakfast we headed back to the hotel to hang out. Then comes lunch time we whent to get little cicers pizza and it was good, then comes 1:00 p.m. To go to the museum I say tanks and planes that I never known of like the e100, the tiger 2 , and a German plane but I can pernounce it

Connections to science

The mind and emotions is connected through Brian interactions

Gravity is what keeps us on the ground and every thing in side the museum because of the mass and weight will keep everything on the ground but if the mass were to overcome the wight it would be like a balloon


How much pressure does it take to shoot a 75 millimeter Sherman cannon

How much force is needed to push a transport boat on d day

How fast does the Sherman firefly shoot

What keeps a p51 mustang gliding