The Medicine Bag

By Jersie and Kiarra

The POV is first person

The reason we know that The Medicine Bag is first person is because the main character uses the pronouns: We, I, me, mine, ours. He also describes his own thoughts and feelings. There are many pages in the story that are examples of this but just a few of them are pages


A boy named Martin has ancestors who are Native Americans, "Red Indians". Martin would start telling untrue stories to his friends about his Grandpa. His friends believed his Grandpa was one amazing person. When his Grandfather visited Martin he was embarrassed because he did not look the way Martin was making him out to be. He was short, had grey hair, and was old. When Martin's friends came to visit his Grandpa, Martin was ashamed for lying and thought he would loose his friends. Instead, his friends loved him and thought that he was the best person ever. Grandpa gave the medicine bag to Martin, because it contained sacred items from a vision quest made by Grandpa's Father. He grieves when he tells Martin the history of the Medicine Bag because the old ways are being lost. Martin receiving the Medicine Bag meant that Grandpa was about to die.

Main characters

Three Literary Devices

Hyperbole on page 284- I stood on the curb, unable to move.

Personification on page 285- The door banged open.

Imagery 0n page 285- Leather brown old man, gray hair straggled from under his big black hat.

Our Critique on the story

We thought that the Medicine Bag was story that taught many life lessons. We liked the book a lot but it taught us that you should never be ashamed of your family/cultures/traditions. We would reccommend this book to basically anyone anyage because this story had many positives and things that could possiblly happen to anyone.