Learning Centre Recommendations

7 to 9 year olds might like these.

Take a look and see if you might like these.

Sophie and the Shadow Woods: The Goblin king - Linda Chapman and Lee


The Great Cat Conspiracy – Katie Davies

A Roman Rescue – K.A Gerrard and Emma Dodd

Murder on Stage – Cora Harrison

The Strange Affair of the Ethiopian Treasure Chest

Two Peas in a Pod – Chris McKimmie

The Mermaid of Warsaw and other tales from Poland – Richard Monte

A Spindlewood Tale: Pip and the Wood Witch Curse – Chris Mould

Dinoball – Ciaran Murtagh

The Warrior Sheep Go West – Christine and Christopher Russell

Vampires and Volts – Marcus Sedgwick

Cartoon Kid (Laugh Your Socks Off) – Jeremy Strong

Blackout – Robert Swindells

Tales from Witchway Wood: Crash ‘n’ Bang – Kaye Umansky

The Search for Wondla – Tony Diterlizzi

The Secret Mermaid 8: Dolphin Danger – Sue Mongredien

Roodica the Rude: Who Stole the River? – Margaret Ryan

Spike and Ali Enson – Malaika Rose Stanley

Bella Donna: Coven Road – Ruth Symes

Frankie Foster: Fizzy Pop – Jean Ure

Iggy and Me on Holiday – Jenny Valentine

Ways to Trap a Yeti – Annie Dalton

Doctor Bonkers! – Jeremy Strong

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