Darnell Hamilton

Flute Man Greg

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Who am I????

Well I am Darnell Hamilton, and I play too many instruments.
But in seriousness, I was born on April 4th 1994 in San Antonio, Texas, my dad is a bass guitarist and my mom is an entrepreneur. At first I had no interest in music whatsoever when I was younger. Like I didn't like the concept of it and didn't have any motives to learn about what it can do. But of course, then I stumbled across Star Wars, and a change on my life, it did. It then led me to believe that there is more to music than I originally thought in my life before this moment. It was something about John Williams that drew me to classical music. From that day forward I started listening to your typical classical music, meaning all the famous pieces and not anything of the down low ones. It took a few years before I started branching out into other composers. And when that happened, something went on in my mind in about May of 2009, I got motivation to compose my own music and from that day forward I've been pursuing a life in music. I began listening to Classical Music 24/7, literally I wouldn't turn my radio off at home. It led to me not leaving my room due to listening to so much music. After I while i began looking up scores for pieces and saving them into my computer. Now I have....who knows how many but I have literally too many of them. Movie scores became a big part in life too to the point where I "wrote" a movie score to a story I was writing a long time ago...it sucked horridly now looking back, but it shows how much I have learned since then with my current pieces than my ones in the past.

Why a music teacher?

Originally I didn't know what i wanted to do when I started high school, most kids already knew what they had wanted but me, not so much. It had a lot to do with experiences, in band, that occurred throughout high school. And also that my former band teacher, Michael Emerson, was extremely enthusiastic about music, like there were days that he couldn't contain his excitement and it seemed to had passed onto me late junior year. Part of the reason is because I asked my band director to let me conduct one piece for my senior year at the final concert. And of all the songs I could have chosen from, I chose the Back to the Future Theme by Alan Silvestri. That was a true blast and pretty much set that I wanted to conduct and teach for a living.

Musical Background

Holt Ram Marching Band 2010 - 2012
Holt High School Concert Band 2009-2011
Holt High School Symphonic Band 2011-2012
High Jazz Band 2012
Mid-Michigan Youth Symphony 2008-2012
Adrian College Marching Band 2012-
Adrian College Jazz Band 2012-
Adrian College Concert Band 2012-

Section Leader Flute Section 2011-2012
Conducted my Arrangement of Back to the Future Spring 2012

Years Composing: 4
Pieces Composed: 47

English Horn................................................soon

Favorite Composer(s)
Gustav Holst
Howard Shore
John Williams
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Dat London Trip!

Recently the AC Marching Band went to London, obviously we had a blast there!

What else do I do?

During my free time I like to edit videos and voice act. Youtube has become my life on certain days. And I watch Anime.....lots and lots and lots of Anime.
Gustav Holst - Neptune