Physical Disability

By: Cassidy Pascal


People with physical disabilities, also known as disabled people or physically disabled people, have a physicalimpairment which has a substantial and long term effect on their ability to carry our day-to-day activities.

Myths about Disabilities

  • All persons who use wheelchairs are chronically ill or sick
  • People with disabilities always need your help
  • The lives of people with a disability are completely different than those with no disabilities
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Tips When Interacting with a Disabled Student

  • Speak normally to them
  • Ask before you help them
  • Don't make assumptions about a person's disabilities
  • Smile :) (it makes them feel comfortable)
  • Be careful about using offensive type of language around them
Kids Like Me (with disabilities) - I Believe!

Ways to Accommodate to this Type of Learner

3 Suggestions:

  1. Treat them just like every other student.
  2. Have a specific learning plan for them.
  3. Make sure the other students are interacting with the disabled student; that type of relationship can be very useful for both parties.