School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Regular Meeting

PSBA Honor Roll for Service

Dr. Rod Troutman recognized the following Board Members for their years of service as volunteers in our community on behalf of Parkland and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA). Lisa Roth and Barry Long were recognized for eight years of service and David Kennedy and Robert Cohen were recognized for twenty years of service. PSBA honors board members with certificates of appreciation for their dedicated service to public education and the children and community in which they serve. The certificates recognize milestone service starting with eight years and every four years thereafter.

Student Representative Report

The Board welcomed Arayman Khandelwal as the new Student Representative to the School Board. He is a Parkland senior and he will give monthly reports to the Board about school events and information through May. You can view his report here:

Welcome Reception for New Teachers

New teachers that were hired this year were introduced to the School Board. Pam Kelly, Director of Human Resources, noted that 31 new professional staff members were hired and more than 800 interviews were conducted during the hiring process from about mid-February through August. Teachers who have been hired for long-term sub positions and contracted employees were given a chance to meet the School Board.

The LCCC report was given by Board President David Kennedy and may be viewed here.

Board member and Library Representative Rob Cohen reported that he participated in the Bobby Rydell event that the Parkland Library held at the Upper Macungie Community Center. The events calendar can be viewed at

Bob Bold announced that the state has not yet created a resolution for this year's budget, noting that a spending plan was approved, but not a revenue plan. The Governor says he is running out of money by this Friday. Everyone is waiting for action on this.


Everyone enjoyed meeting the new staff this evening and they thanked the Human Resources Department for their help in orchestrating more than 800 interviews this year to hire the very best staff. Board members who received "Honor Roll of School Board Service" certificates thanked everyone for the appreciation extended to them during the meeting.

Lisa mentioned the two PHS students who received lots of press this week: Ben Tetzlaff, who had two holes in one in a golf match this week, and Connor Kramer, who was recognized in a Morning Call article for playing football and also being in the band. Both generated many positive stories and comments from community members.

David Kennedy and the Board recognized the principals and the HR Department who have done a great job in hiring all of the new staff.

Rod thanked Tony Naradko for two years of service as the District's Assistant Director of School Services for Transportationa and Safety as Tony will be transitional to Assistant Principal of Parkland High School and District Safety Administrator. Rod stated that Tony did a wonderful job of modernizing the transportation department and that he was excited to welcome him back to PHS. He also thanked the Board for their years of service.

Next Meeting: October 17, 2017 at 7 PM Workshop and 8 PM Board Meeting