Mrs. Wind's Updates

Bi-monthly Resource/LD news & notes


For each of my bi-monthly newsletters I would like to feature one of the curriculum resources that I use in my classroom. The piece of curriculum that I would like to tell you about is My Virtual Reading Coach.

All students who receive either direct reading instruction or support from me have taken the MVRC assessment. If the student scored in the "critical" (or red) range they will be working on this program. To provide the maximum benefit from this program, a student needs to access it at least 30 minutes per day. I have the program available in the general ed classrooms so the students can access it there as well.

What else is going on in Wind's room?!

Reward system

The reward system I use with the students is based on our "Fab 4" which is: being responsible, respectful, trustworthy, and caring. Each time they come to my room they have an opportunity to get a "stamp" in their mini-notebook. They can "turn in" their stamps to earn things such as: candy/gum, prize box, bring in your own electronic device etc. Ask your child about this at home.


If you could please send me your e-mail address (if you already gave it to me you don't have to send it again.) I would like to send this newsletter via email if possible. Please feel free to email me at any time! You may also call me at the number below. My plan time is 12:00-1:00 every day.

Don't forget, conferences are coming up on:

Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 4:30pm to Thursday, Oct. 9th, 8pm

1155 Jungs Station Rd

St Charles, MO

I will try to be at all my students conferences. I have 18 students this year. If I am double-booked I may not make it. If you would like to have a phone conference with me as well, please send me an email or call me. Thanks! Mrs. Wind