History of MLK

by: Jamie Johnson

Martin Luther King Jr.

Child hood

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on Tuesday , January 15 , 1929 in Atlanta Georgia . his father was a baptist minister and was in change of the children moral and religious education . when Martin was born white people and black people had different rights in certain parts of the united states . Like for example , If a black family wanted to eat at a restaurant , they had to sit in separate section of the restaurant . He did not understand this . The law that kept black and white people apart were called Jim Crows laws .

Adult life

Martin Luther King Jr. (1928-1968) was a baptist minister and played a key role in the American civil right movement . Inspired by advocate of nonviolence .


Martin King worked with civil rights and religious groups to organize the march on Washington for jobs and freedom . King most famous address , known as " I have a dream " speech . Across the county Americans gather in the march to Selma , Alabama to take place in the march to Montgomery led by king and supported by President Lyndon Johnson , who sent troops to keep the peace .

Death of MLK