Peter Van Daan


Peter Van Daan is a young man who went into hiding with the Franks. He called himself a shy, awkward person. This shyness and awkwardness are shown when he talks to people, especially Ann. He doesn’t quite know how to act around her, so he either doesn’t talk or says strange things. He is courageous when he speaks up for Ann or gets mad. He told Ann that he liked her. Peter was an important character in the play.

Symbol 1

I chose a cat to symbolize Peter. I chose the cat because cats hide a lot and like to be alone. Peter is the same way. He always chooses to be in his bedroom away from the family. In fact, Anne complained once that Peter was always in his room. Another reason I chose the cat is because Peter is a caring person. He loves his cat. He cares for and feeds his cat every day. He also cares for Anne.

Symbol 2

I chose a waiter bell to symbolize Peter. I chose the bell because it is only ringed when something is needed. People come to Peter when they need something. Another reason i chose the bell is because it is quiet and alone most of the time. Peter is always in his room and rarely comes out. But when Peter talks he either nice or sweet, especially to Anne.

Theme 1

One important theme is that you can find love in tough time.

Theme 2

Another important theme is After a long period of time, there is still hope.