Callahan's Corner

10th Edition, November 13, 2015


CUDOS again to our custodians for keeping up with all of the crazy events lately! Plus, many sick child cleanups have happened this week. They've been amazing through it all!!

CUDOS to those teachers who have managed to keep up with your grades through the midst of parent conferences!! We do have progress reports going home on Wednesday, so if you haven't entered grades, do it this weekend.


Teachers: Please be sure to send me a JPG photo of students who BLAST OFF, finish the 100 sight word list (K-1 only), or make the 100 Book Club. I prefer to drop a photo in rather than just announce the names.

Nurse Note: Please do not send students to the nurse's office without a pass unless it is truly an emergency. Nurse Mary saw 80 kids yesterday, and many of them arrived without passes and without letting you know they came. We will be sending them back to get passes. Also, try to notice your students who are frequent flyers and be sure they are not practicing a perfected avoidance technique!!

Front Porch Duty: When loading and/or unloading 3 and 4 year olds, it is NOT an expectation that they should be able to buckle and unbuckle their car seats. It is allowed for ALL personnel to UNBUCKLE them, so please help parents with this when they are dropping off their students. In the afternoon for pick up, however, ONLY certified staff members can BUCKLE the car seats. If there are certain students we know need help, please make sure a certified staff member loads them.

LUNCH DUTY: If you are one of the people helping cover PK classes for lunch duty, please make sure you help with the tables to both sides of the PK row. There are several times where coverage is very thin in the cafeteria, and once your students have their items open, there is no reason you can't help out right around their table. I know many of you are already doing this for us!

MONDAY: The office will be VERY SHORT-HANDED on Monday!! Tiffany will be the only one up there! Anyone having a break in their schedule who might be able to fill in or help out, please stop by to see how things are going!!


Teachers: Please be sure to dismiss any tutoring students who WALK home by 3:30pm. The crossing guards leave at 3:45pm and the students MUST be crossed to go home. If you want to walk them across at a later time, you may do so, but if you are just letting them leave, it needs to be by 3:30pm.

Teachers: Please see my separate email with a copy/paste that needs to go home to parents with some important information about upcoming events! (Sorry for an additional email, but I heard you can't copy/paste from here!)


Starting MONDAY: We will send home the Winter According to Humphrey books on Monday with the reading assignments. Please be sure to check out the awesome materials Brenda shared with you! Encourage your families to replace the normal 20 minutes of reading with a chapter from this book!

CONTEST: You KNOW you want to WIN!!! Who can decorate the best HALLWAY/DOORS at CLE?? Let's make our school a WINTER WONDERLAND to tie in with our Humphrey book! This is OPTIONAL..... but if you'd like to participate, your team can get together to decorate your area of the building. You can do just doors, hallways (be careful of fire code) and/or walls! Who at CLE is the most creative??? Judges will be invited on December 7th!! Prize??? Yes, of course!

Grandfriends' Luncheons: This week we have 2 days of luncheons--Thursday & Friday!! Be sure you know when you are scheduled for yours. Make sure to let parents know that you will be eating in your classroom on the day opposite your luncheon day. PLease, please, please try not to have a Substitute on these days. Wacky schedules always make the kids a little "wonky", so please try your best to be here.

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Tuesday, November 17th: Jennifer Gayfield has made the decision to resign from her current position at CLE. We would like to send her off with our best wishes, Cold Drinks and Cookies after school at 3:15pm on the stage!! Please plan to attend if you are able!

Wednesday, November 18th: Don't forget the Baby Shower for Tamara! I think this will probably be on stage as well (due to Book Fair), but will get the word out once the location has been named.