Time Between us

By: Tamara Ireland Stone


Anna is the main character she lives in Chicago and meets a very interesting guy that is new to her school, his name is Bennett. He has a very special secret that only his family knows. Anna wants to meet Bennett because they kind of had a click the first time they met. Once they start to get to know each other their relationship deepens and they face that they might not be able to stay together because of Bennett's secret... They start to ask themselves how far they can push the bounds of fate and what consequences they will have to endure in the end.
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Bennett: " I've traveled everywhere. I've seen more than most people get to see in a lifetime."

Anna: " Yes I am trapped for now, but I wont be forever. Still, deep down, I can feel the reality I live to ignore percolating to the surface: I can dream all I want."

These are two different perspectives of Bennett and Anna they are opposites, but sometimes I feel like both of them.


If you're looking for a love story which is so beautifully handled, with less silly/manufactured angst, and two characters who feel as if they could be genuine, then you'll want to give Time Between Us a go. - Stacia