My Will

Emily Balson

  1. My books will go to a homeless shelter because one can never have too many books
  2. My clothes will go to my sister, Amy, because since we are the same size, she is always stealing my clothes
  3. Any American/patriotic items will go to my best friend, Mary-Michael, because she loves America probably more than she loves me
  4. All the certificates, letters, and medals I have received will go to my grandma because I know that she likes things like this
  5. My singing Justin Bieber doll and all of my photos will go to my boyfriend, Bradley, because A.) he has a secret obsession with Justin Bieber and B.) he always likes to go through my photos and look at them
  6. All of my "The Fault In Our Stars" items/merchandise will be given to my friend, Hannah, because she loves The Fault in our Stars
  7. All of my APUSH notes/books will be given to my history teacher, Ms. Naylor, because I know that she would appreciate it very much
  8. My piano will go to my music teacher, Mr. Bennett, because my piano is nicer than his and his is slightly out of tune (no offense Mr. Bennett)
  9. All of my blankets/pillows will be donated to a homeless shelter because one can never have enough blankets and pillows
  10. My computer and TV will go to my grandpa because I know how much of a technology geek he really is