Universal Rights

Freedom for all

A Broken Promise

The freedom to equality, the right to own property, and freedom from slavery seem like such simple rights that they don't need to be written down. But they are sadly restricted to thousands of people across the world. The United Nations was founded in October of 1945. In 1948, they made an official document called The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It stated dozens of rights and freedoms that they believed everyone should have. Nearly all the countries of the world have signed it, yet many have broken their promise to serve their citizens with the rights needed for people to live freely.

What We Should Do

We are extremely blessed to live in America where our rights are respected and preserved. Many other people are not so lucky. We can help others by joining and donating to an organization whose cause you honestly support. As an individual, there isn't much else you can do besides telling everyone about the problem. As a country, however, we can help other countries with leadership problems by sending our military to aid the citizens who want to be free.
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