The Coyote Howl

Campo Verde High School

January 24, 2022

Vision: Preparing every person for tomorrow through experiences founded on relationships, relevance, and rigor.

Mission: Every Person, Every Day

Core Values: Community, Values, Honor, Scholarship

Principal's Message

Hello CV Family,

I hope you have had a great start to 2022! It has been busy on campus and it doesn’t look like the excitement will be slowing down. There is some great information in the newsletter and I wanted to highlight important points. Below are just three topics I wanted to bring to your attention. Have a great week and as always, please reach out to us if we can be of assistance!

Registration: Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is underway! Earlier this month we shared a registration newsletter with you and students have been selecting courses during Coyote Time. Please utilize the link below for more information on registration for next year!

CVHS Registration Website

Road Closure: Please see the information below regarding the closure of the exit of the parking lot from the front office onto Germann Road. Any traffic that enters into the parking area by the front office will have to return to Quartz Street to enter Germann Road due to construction. A map is shared in the newsletter and we have sent an email reminder and another reminder is set to go out this weekend. The closure is expected to last until the end of March.

Health Updates: There have been a few changes to COVID-19 protocols that were communicated by the district. Please note the revised guidelines on quarantine and isolation that are shared in the newsletter. Also, a new dashboard is in place that is site-specific. It is important that students and staff that return earlier do abide by the terms of the early return. Please see the section below for more information. The new dashboards can be found on this link as well. GPS COVID-19 Health Services Information

Thank you for your continued support and please let us know how we can support you and your student!

Best regards,

Mr. Tyler Dumas


Campo Verde High School

Every Person, Every Day!

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and on social media.

Instagram: @cvhsmrdumas

Twitter: @CVHSMrDumas and @CVHSYotes

**IMPORTANT: From District**

Dear GPS Parents and Families,

Changes to COVID General Exposure Notification Process

In light of the current high volume of COVID notifications, and the significant impact this is having on school personnel time, the following changes will be implemented for notifying our families of general class and bus route exposure to COVID-19. The goal is to provide easy access for our parents and families to up-to-date information while supporting our schools to focus on educating and supporting our students.

General class exposure email notifications will no longer be sent out to families as of Thursday, January 20, 2022. Instead, families will be able to view information regarding potential exposure to positive COVID cases, by class and bus route, on the district website at their convenience.

Please note, if your student is required to quarantine you will receive communication directly from your campus.

Each school has a ‘Notification Dashboard’ on the district website that will be updated daily identifying the same key information that is currently included in the letters:

  • The class of student’s that were potentially exposed using the teacher’s name, and ‘hour’ if applicable, as identifiers

  • and the last date the person who has tested positive for COVID was in class.

Bus route notifications will also be posted on the website on a ‘Transportation Notification Dashboard’.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gilbert Public Schools


important campus information


Please click the appropriate link below to view important campus information.


HEALTH OFFICE New COVID 5 Day Guidelines for Students As Of 01/04/2022





Seniors: Please fill out the transcript release form for any colleges that you have applied to. You can return it to me in person or to my email: If you need a transcript sent quickly you can create an acccount with There is a $4.25 fee for each transcript.


School traffic update

Please see the following message that was shared with us from the Town of Gilbert.

"The Town of Gilbert’s contractor continues work on the Germann Road Improvements and needs to conduct work on the north side of Germann Road in preparation for future paving activities.

The following restriction will be in place starting January 23rd, 2022: Traffic will be pushed to the south side of Germann Road and to accommodate this work, the first Germann Road driveway west of Quartz Street to Campo Verde High School will be CLOSED until late March."

This is the exit from the front office. Access to the front office will still be available, but the only exit will be to return back out to Quartz Street. Please see the graphic below:

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Mrs. Laura Contreras, Assistant Principal

Academics and Counseling

Grade Level: Seniors

Freshmen A - E

Administrative Assistant:

Liz Oliphant 480.545.3100 X 2102


Counseling Department

School Counselors:

A-Co - Mrs. Dewarrat

Cr-Ha - Ms. Diggs

He-Me -Mrs. McManus

Mi-Sa - Mrs. Lange

Sc-Z - Mrs. Carpenter

Academic and Wellness Coaches:

Academic Interventionist- Mrs. Duckett

Mental Health Counselor- Mr. Baker

College and Career Advisors:

College and Career Center Coordinator - Mrs. Amy Jacobson

On-Site CGCC Rep - Mrs. Chris Sabel

Counseling Secretary:

Mrs. Laurie Prosper 480-545-3100 Ext. 2121

* The CVHS Counseling Department has a new and improved website: CAMPO COUNSELING

* Follow the CVHS Counseling Department on Instagram: @cvhs_counseling_dept

* Take a look at our Senior Checklist for important information.


Students of the month

Congratulations to our Students of the Month!

Isabelle Barnett

Brook Doonan

Will Jones

Rachel Litevsky

Sienna Lowe

Ashley Mierzejweski

Ellie Ploessl

Jacob Thomas

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town of gilbert student of the month

Congratulations to Gabby Ray for being awarded The Town of Gilbert's Student of the Month!
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Registration for the 2022-2023 school has begun for all current CVHS students. Students watched a video regarding the registration process during Coyote Time. The video link and instructions are currently available on the Campo Registration Website.
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ECAP Presentation

ECAP: Four Year Plan

All students have seen a presentation about ECAP (Education-Career Action Plan) in their Advisory class. We have attached a copy of the slide show here for your reference. Part of the presentation shows students how to enter their four-year plan for classes into the Infinite Campus Academic Planning feature. ALL students must have their plan entered by May of this school year. It is from this planner that all course requests will be filled. Again, please review these choices with your child to ensure that it is accurate and complete. These plans may be changed as students learn more about themselves and their plans for the future. The classes entered for sophomore year will be locked in February.

If you or your child have any questions, we encourage you to contact the assigned counselor. We are happy to help in this process.


Coyote time

January 12th and 19th the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders explored programs on campus by speaking to teachers, attending our Curious Coyote Club Fair, reviewing our courses offered, and mapping out their four-year plan to solidify their course registration for the 2022-2023 school year. Students will meet with their counselors between the dates of January 22nd- February 25th.

Seniors will spend time applying for our January scholarships. Check out our CVHS January Scholarship list. We ask that each senior applies for at least two local scholarships and students who have different plans may explore opportunities available after high school on our College and Career website.

CVHS College & Career January Scholarship List

Wellness Donations

Campo Verde's Wellness Team hosts outdoor wellness days with lawn games and activities. We also host students in the student services classroom. This is a safe space for students to receive tutoring, mentorship, and unwind if needed. All items donated will be used for our campus and student social, emotional, physical, and academic wellness.

Please take a minute to take a look at our list.

Amazon Wishlist-- CV Wellness Donations

The following families have donated and we are grateful for your contributions to our campus wellness.

Some items did not have names connected to them, so please include your name on the gift receipt so we can thank you for your donation.

Please email if you do not see your name below and have donated to our campus:

The Brooks Family

Kshama Rosales

Ashley Kasdorf

Rachel Crump

Caron Lloyd

Jeannette Ortiz

Cathy Nevarez

Denise Lopez

Amy Rolle

Kim Boike

The Burnham Family

Carrie Mueller

The Hamrock Family

Barb Oda

Carrie & Peter Mueller

The Alexander Family

The Carriere Family

The Frias Family

Laurel McCance

Michelle Ruyle

Amanda Shaffer

Laurel McCance

Meghan Frost

Antonio Ronga



This year’s EVIT Expo will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 29. The public is invited

to explore EVIT’s Main Campus, 1601 W. Main St., and learn more about the programs offered by their Main and Power campuses. There will be trolley tours, food trucks, music, games and much more.
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Students enrolled in second semester AP Government and AP Microeconomics need to register and pay for their exams by February 25th. This is the final deadline for ALL AP exams. If you forgot to register by the priority deadline of November 1st for any first semester or year long AP Exams, you can STILL REGISTER with a $40 late fee. Please follow the steps below.

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PSAT Score Interpretation: Counselors visited Sophomore English classrooms last week to hold a PSAT interpretation session. This included making College Board accounts, discovering AP Potential, and connecting with Khan Academy. This presentation can be viewed here. The presentation is also posted for student reference in their Sophomore Google Classroom.

PreACT Test Results: For those students who took the PreACT on January 8th, score reports will be available in approximately 1 month. Student score reports are mailed to the school and will be distributed to students in a timely manner.

Senior Credit Checks: Counselors met with seniors in their English class last week to discuss credits. The purpose of this one-on-one meeting was to ensure seniors are in the appropriate classes to meet their graduation requirements, or if deficient, have a plan to make up credits. We also discussed post-secondary plans and answered any questions that students had.


Career Center

Mrs. Amy Jacobson, Career Center Specialist

The Career Center is located in the Library, and

Mrs. Jacobson is happy to meet with you,

and to answer any questions you may have.


Follow for scholarships, college info, FAFSA & jobs!

Instagram @cvhs_college_career_center

Make an appointment using the link below:

Career Center Appointment



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FAFSA Opened October 1, 2021!

The FAFSA is the foundation of financial aid (money to help pay for college). It determines eligibility for Federal Pell Grants, Federal Student Loans, need based scholarships and is required for some private scholarships. What do you need financial aid for? Tuition, room & board, books and living expenses while in college. All college bound students should apply!


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Activities and Clubs

Dr. Sean Jonaitis, Assistant Principal

Activities, Clubs, and Graduation

Grade Level: Sophomores

Freshmen: F- N

Administrative Assistant:

Cat Jones 480.545.3100 X 2101

IG: @campo.activities



NHS is excited to announce that so far this year, we have logged over 1,100 hours of community service! This month, the National Honor Society took part in the annual Adopt-A-Family drive to provide gifts and holiday meals for families in need from the GPS community. We were able to adopt 2 large families! NHS also took part in a campus chalk-writing event to motivate students for finals week. Thanks to everyone that helped out!

Drop-in after-school tutoring will be back for 2nd Semester! NHS tutors are available every Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the library. Hope to see you there!

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Japanese Club

Japanese Club celebrated New Years on January 4th. In Japan on New Year's Day, it is traditional to eat MOCHI (pounded rice cakes). The MOCHI is said to bring blessing and happiness to people in the new year. We had KIRIMOCHI which was heated in an oven and served with soy sauce and seaweed. Captions from left to right: Cody Crosland sees how sticky mochi can be. Mochi cooking. Chase Cashion with soy sauce love.



Congratulations! Thanks to the hard work, intelligence, and entrepreneurial spirit of Seniors Emilee McArdle and Addison Haluska, they have won a $1000 grant from GENYOUth (creating healthier school communities) and AdVenture Capital to support and complete their Capstone project "Athlete's Assistant" on mental and physical awareness.
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Hi Coyotes,

Just wanted to send out the link for the 2022-23 TOYBOX registration in case any of you have a 3-5 year old you would like to register.

Please let me know if you have any questions & feel free to share the link with any family or friends that might be interested.

Heidi Resh, M. Ed.

Early Childhood Education Teacher CVHS

FCCLA Early Child Education Adviser


performing arts



Auditions for “The Death of a Salesman” will be held January 26-28th

after school in room 309.

The performances will take place March 31, April & 2nd.

See Mr. Merritt for Details.



Yearbook order center:

The school code for the order center is 16196.

Yearbook orders may also be purchased through Infinite Campus or the bookstore. Please note that there is a fee of approximately $2 for all transactions through Infinite Campus – there is a $4.99 fee for orders placed through the yearbook order center. NO additional fee if purchased in the Bookstore.

*Jan. 15- March 4 - $75

*After March 4 - $80

*Yearbook orders are placed at the plant after January 10. Books are not guaranteed after that date. After March 4, books can only be purchased in the bookstore. We have sold out in previous years, so pre-ordering is encouraged.


Friday, February 4th. There are only 4 pages left...!!

*Questions? Email or call Jeremy Zona, Yearbook Adviser (480-545-3100)





Monday 7-2:45

Tuesday 7-2:45

Wednesday 7-1:45

Thursday 7-2:45

Friday 7-2:45

*closed during 6th hour daily


Permits are only available for purchase in the Bookstore, they are no longer available

online. Students must be a licensed driver to purchase a parking permit. The parking rules

and regulations form LINKED HERE must be returned when purchasing your permit.

Students are required to display a parking permit when parking on campus. Security will be

stickering and booting vehicles without permits. Parents will be required to come to campus

if a student's car is booted. Make sure you have your parking permit clearly visible,

preferably on your rear view mirror, every single day, no matter what car you are driving. If

you have to drive a car that you have not registered with the bookstore, come in, call or

email me ASAP with make model and license plate.

*Student IDs*

All students should have their Student ID. Here's a tip: Take a clear picture of your ID with your cellphone as a back up in the event you lose your ID. Lost ID's can be replaced for $5.

*Lost and Found*

Take a minute now to write your name on the bottom of your water bottle/jug for easier

identification if it gets misplaced. I will be donating all items left in the lost and found during

every break. I will remind you of these changes on announcements and on Instagram.

Ms. Katie

480-545-3100 ext.2109

IG: campo.bookstore


Cotton PE shirts are $15.00 - Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

Dri-Fit PE shirts are $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

PE shorts (long black mesh) $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

Sport Tek Girls (shorter) shorts $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Dance shirts are $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Dance capris (longer pants) $25.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL.

Yoga shirts are $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Yoga shorts are $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Locks are available for $5.00

PE Clothes are available for purchase online through the IC Parent Portal.



Mr. Max Ragsdale, Assistant Principal

Athletic Director

Grade Level: Juniors

Freshmen O - Z

Administrative Assistant:

Jacee Iannarelli 480.545.3100 X 2103

IG: @campo.athletics



Click the image below to be redirected to our Campo Verde Athletics Page to view ALL sports schedules and information.
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Girls Basketball

Come out and see girls basketball at home! GO YOTES!!!!

January 25 - Casteel @ Casteel

January 26 - Williams Field @ Home

January 28 - Gilbert @ Home


Physical Education

Our PE Department is excited to work with all of our students in PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SPORTS TRAINING, DANCE, YOGA, and UNIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes.

PE, Dance, Yoga UNIFORMS:

Uniforms can be purchased in person in our CVHS Bookstore. All students need to have the proper uniform and a combination lock. Please contact Coach Cornell or your PE teacher if you have any questions.


We are excited to offer another year of "AFTER SCHOOL WEIGHTS" we will be opening the weight room after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:20-3:00pm. Please see Coach Cornell or Coach Bishop for more information.


We will be offering lunchtime intramurals during both lunches for any student interested in being active. Intramurals will be held in either the mini or main gymnasium and occasionally outside (when the weather cools down). Please see Coach Cornell for more information.

SECURING BELONGINGS IN PE LOCKERS: Just a reminder that due to COVID we are not permitting our Physical Education student's to store their PE clothes in locker's overnight. We are asking our students to bring their PE clothes each day, change out in the locker room and securely LOCK ALL BELONGINGS in a large locker (provided) and then at the end of class period, take their sweaty PE uniform home and wash it for the next day. We believe this will cut down on the amount of bacteria in the locker rooms. Questions, please contact your student's teacher.

REGISTRATION for 2022-23:

We encourage all students to stay active and healthy by registering for one of our many Physical Education course offerings (please see informational flyer for more information).

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PE Students of the Month

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for being named "CV PHYSICAL EDUCATION STUDENTS OF THE MONTH". These students were nominated due to their outstanding CHARACTER, COMMITMENT, and COURAGE.

Gheorge Raureanu (Coach Bishop)

Chris Cardon (Coach Cornell)

Johnny Nguyen (Coach Kaplin)

Amilia Barth (Coach Marino)

Bella Gamble (Coach Matthews)

Aaron Barnhart (Coach Schnittger)

Camryn Colvin (Coach Cook)

Madalynn Mowen (Coach Blackburn).


Library Updates


Library Information:

Circulation has been up, up, up this month! With new year's resolutions and independent reading projects, students have been busy checking out books. We have three new displays up this month. One is full of brand new books, one has nonfiction and fiction books related to Martin Luther King Jr. and the third display has true crime books.


For Chromebooks to run smoothly on campus, students should NOT try another internet source (like Chromebook). This causes the Chromebook to be rendered useless until a tech can reprovision it. Please ask your students to try powering down and powering back up until the wifi is back. Sometimes, it may take up to four or five times of powering down and back up for students to be reconnected. Please have patience.

Digital Citizenship:

Help your teen navigate viral social media stunts. In the linked article, learn why teens participate in these challenges and how you can help them make responsible decisions.


Events & Fundraising


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