News From Mrs. Jose's Class

November 30th - December 4th 2015

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Our Spell Bowl Champions! Congratulations Roman and Jahnavi!

Math Binders!

We have been doing such great work in math that our notebooks are busting at the seems and we are running out of room to show our work!

I would love to have us begin using math binders so that we can add pages in as we expand our learning. If you are able to send in a 1inch binder and five 3 hole dividing pages/tabs we would greatly appreciate it. The dollar store usually has these items. Your child can begin using his/her new math binder as soon as they have one.

Please don't rush out to get one. We aren't in a hurry and some students still have room. If your child runs out before they have a binder they can use loose leaf paper and keep it in a folder.

*If you are unable to send in a binder or dividers please let me know. I do have a few extras in our room that can we be used.

What Will You Find Us Doing In Class?

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you were all able to spend some time with your loved ones. We only have 15 school days before winter break and we are going to be fitting a lot in!


We are beginning a new unit in reading. Students will be learning how to identify the theme of a story based on major or main events that happen. This week we will be identifying themes in common read alouds. Over the next three weeks your student will be reading a chapter book and finishing a project that they will present to their peers.

In their project they must identify the book's theme, connect it's theme to other books, and be able to explain how it relates to real world issues. Students have chosen their books from a set that I provided. The books are between 150-200 pages and we read daily for at least 30 minutes. I prefer not to have students take their books they are reading for their projects home. We will be doing work in class as we read and they should have plenty of independent reading time to finish the books before December 18th.


We will begin planning out stories to write that have strong story elements. As we begin to identify themes in our reading we will develop main or major events in our own writing to help create a theme for our own stories. These stories will get published and become presents that we will give to our first grade buddies.

*At home when you read or watch a show together see if you can list the main or major events and come up with a theme!


We will begin dividing with remainders this week!

*If you have a deck of cards at home ask your student to teach you how to play close to 20 or multiplication war. We always want to be working on our math fact fluency!

We had fun showing off our magazines to friends, first graders, and family members!

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Friday Dec. 4th Character Day - Come to school dressed as your favorite character from a book.
  • December 14th and 15th we will be taking our math and reading NWEA in the afternoons.
  • Friday December 18th - Class Holiday Party and $1 Hat Day!

*Please make sure your child has warm enough clothing to be outside for recess. As it gets colder we will continue to go out.