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January 31, 2022

Principal Message

Good Morning Pershing Families!

I want to alert all drivers entering and exiting Pershing during arrival and dismissal to several serious safety issues in our school parking lot and driveway, and serious neighbor complaints. Thank you to those families who always are safe and courteous. If you have any questions about the directions below, please direct them to me at

Please note the following expectations and requests:

1. SLOW DOWN and please drive no faster than 5 - 10 mph in our parking lot, even if you do not see anyone coming and the way is clear in front of you.

2. Do not park near the exits of our school on Pershing Avenue. It makes it very hard to turn left or right because you cannot see if it is clear if you park on either side of our exit to Pershing Ave.

3. Do not park near the exits of Seventh Day Adventist Church on Pecan Ave. because they cannot exit safely if you park on either side of their exits.

4. When walking to or from the school, please do not walk in the yards and grass areas of our neighbors of our school. On streets with no sidewalks, the bike lane is the area to walk, not someone's front yard or property.

5. Please respect all property of the neighbors of our school. Last week a "Slow down, Kids and Pets at Play" sign was removed from a neighbor's yard and broken into pieces. This kind of disrespect is unacceptable and I am still investigating. If a child is found damaging property on the way to school or on the way home, consequences will be received at school, as well.

6. When in the parking lot, ONLY DROP OFF YOUR CHILD IN THE FAR RIGHT LANE against the sidewalk/curb in the Yellow Loading Zone. Do not drop your child off in the left lane as cars are driving by on the right lane and you risk your child being hit by a car. If you cannot enter the far right lane for some reason, then please follow the lane all the way to the end of the cones in the Yellow Zone, merge when it is safe to the right, and have your child exit near Discovery Club, exiting next to the curb.

7. PLEASE DO NOT GO AROUND OTHER CARS in the loading zone unless directed to do so by staff. Last Friday morning, we had an impatient driver go around a car to exit the yellow zone, coming close to a student and a staff member. The child in the car in front of the impatient driver was refusing to get out of the car and the teacher on duty was trying to work with the family to assist. Honking, revving an engine, and getting angry are not helpful or appropriate, especially at a school. I am still working through our camera footage to address this situation. If you have a problem, roll down your window to talk to staff. If you have a problem, call the school office at 916-979-8076 to alert us. Do not drive unsafely or speed in our parking lot.

8. Please stop arriving extra early to wait in your car during Dismissal. As many of you are aware, I ask that drivers ONLY ENTER the PARKING LOT at your child's dismissal time. We have supervision for over 15 minutes and students who are waiting for a ride are safely supervised by staff that entire time. There is no need to be arrive right when the bell rings as the dismissal time is a window of time. Unless your child is in Kindergarten or 1st grade, do not enter the parking lot until AFTER 2:45p.m. Thank you!

Please understand that we have staff on hand to assist drivers with any issues up until the bell rings in the morning. After the bell rings at 8:15a.m., supervision in the driveway ends and parents need to supervise their student's arrival. At 8:20a.m., students are LATE and must get an admit slip from the office before going to class. Traffic seems increasingly worse as many are arriving very late for drop off. Please note that you may bring your child to school as early as 7:50a.m. for breakfast. Walk-around supervision begins at 8a.m. Please note that school begins at 8:15a.m., not 8:20a.m.

It is only together that our school can remain a safe place to grow, learn, and work. Your partnership is very much appreciated. Again, if you have any questions, concerns, or need for clarification, please reach out. 916-979-8076, or


Mrs. Kendra Shelton


Spelling Bee 2022 - Class Champions

Big picture

Congratulations, Akhil Rachala, Pershing Spelling Bee Champion 2022!

The Pershing Spelling Bee Classroom Champions for 2022 are pictured above, left to right:

3rd Grade:

Croix Moreno

Harper McConnell

Vivaan Ayyagari

Kaylin Fraker

4th Grade:

Akhil Rachala (*2022 School Champion)

Addison Lopez

Jace Hulsey

5th Grade:

Jasmine Dias

Liam Sy

Samantha York

6th Grade:

Mary Sausedo

Cadence McAdams

Owen Hess

COVID-19 Decision Forest

The San Juan Unified School District has adopted the updated Sacramento County Public Health Department COVID-19 Decision Forest. For more information on when to quarantine or isolate, please go to the link below to learn more:

The website above is kept up to date with each change in guidance and is the current best resource for determining pathways to return to school after a COVID-19 exposure, COVID-19 positive case, or having symptoms.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

7:30am. - 8a.m. - Available Daily: Free COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing for Students/Staff (Register to test at

January 31 - February 1: Rapid Learner Testing for students not currently in SJUSD, 3 - 5p.m.

February 2: Pershing PTO Meeting on Zoom

Meeting ID: 884 9859 6633

Passcode: PTO

February 7 - February 18: Rapid Learner Testing Window for Pershing students who applied for the program beginning 2022-2023. Testing will occur during the school day with Mrs. Shelton. Parents of students who have applied will receive an email with more information this week.

February 7: ELPAC Testing Begins (English Language Proficiency Assessment of California)

February 8: Kindergarten Enrollment for 2022-2023 School Year Begins!

Enrollment Information:

February 15: School Site Council Meeting on Zoom at 7:15a.m.

SJUSD Winter Survey

Thank you to the many families who quickly returned the SJUSD Winter 2022 Survey that was sent home. If you prefer to give your feedback online, please go to:

Clothing Donations Needed

Often students are in need of emergency clothing due to spilled milk, a slip in a muddy spot on the playground, or other accidents that can occur. We are currently in need of clean, stain-free leggings and shorts for children in grades K-3. Donations can be brought to the front office. Thank you!

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