Space suits

by:Anthony Ellis


The space suit provides oxygen and other things like drinking water, food, radio communication, and somewhere to go to the bathroom in space. The space suit also provides protection in space, and makes sure the astronaut is not too hot, or too cold.


The space suit has a backpack full of oxygen, and it also has a device called a safer which allows the astronauts to return to the space shuttle safely. There are also parts of the body that have different functions and layers. The body parts of the space suit include boots, helmet, gloves, legs, and arms

Change over time

The space suit has changed a lot, now instead of having to replace the whole suit if damaged, you can just replace the one part that was damaged.

They are coming out with a future suit that is built with stainless steal, and aluminum alloy. The suit also has sizing rings at the joints that fit all heights and sizes. The suit is called the AX-5

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MIT BioSuit A New Take On Traditional Spacesuits


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