Ancient Greece

The Military Society

The social system was created between 600 to 900 BC. It was created by a man named Lycurgus. The Spartans thought it was a way to keep security. To this day that belief its reflected by this.

The Government

Sparta was ruled by two kings. These two kings also led the army. Although there where kings elected officials had more power then the kings. Sparta had people named helots,or slaves that was set up on these people. These slaves grew crops,and also did many other jobs for the city Sparta.

Eyes of a Male in Sparta

As a male in Sparta you are expected to have something to do with the army. As a young boy you would be trained to a warrior. But if you were not healthy you would left outside the city to die. This was determined by the cities officials.

Sparta Achievements

Since Sparta was related to farming it was simple it was made of dried mud bricks, with red clay tile bricks. The Sparta Barracks is like a normal Sparta home ,but is where the Sparta soldiers train. They had a theater and in it's time it was the one the biggest theaters.Because it was capable of holding of seating over 15,000 Spartans. It was beautiful because of its background of Mount Taygetus.
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Eyes of a Women in Sparta

Sparta women had more rights then other Greek women because the men where usually out at war. Some women owned their own land and ran their households. Women of Sparta did not spend time spinning cloth & weaving. They believed those tasks where for slaves.
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If you haven't heard of the movie 300 and the "This is Sparta" reference.This is a popular reference because it is very funny. I put this in here because it takes place in Sparta, and is very funny.
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