Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Staying on our side of the pond

Past accomplishments that have helped you

Mr. Roosevelt fought for the lower and middle class during the great depression and intends on bringing our great country the rest of the way out of the depression and make our country great once again.

Policies and Beliefs

1. Defense

Mr. Roosevelt feels that our country should continue being neutral and stay out of this war for it does not involve us and as of now there is no need to put our young men in danger and the cruelty of war.

2. Employment

This country should continue to help the lower and middle class as much as we can by providing them with jobs through programs such as The CCC. These programs have help raise our country out the the largest economic downturn in history and i plan on keeping them around

3. Economics

We shall continue to practice bank holidays so that our banks can always have enough money for our families to use and prosper. Franklin will also continue taxing the rich and increase the income for the government to fund our programs

4. Immigration

FDR is proud of his executive order the denies immigration of all of the axis powers. This order is to ensure that all of our young children are safe and sound from the evils of the these two countries

5. Education

Franklin believes and will continue to believe that education is very important to furthering our country. Not only will this help our economy by producing smart and productive workers but will keep our country years ahead of others. this research of medicine and technology will be what lets our grandchildren live for a hundred years.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this campaign flyer and I hope that when election day comes you will vote for the man that pulled this country up by its bootstraps and is bringing us out of the great depression.