HHS9 xCamp Presentation

7 Days in 3 Hours

What should I expect?

We were very lucky to have attended Xcamp this summer. We spent 7 days learning the ins and outs of our new apple technology, and while we are not experts by any means, we are excited about the knowledge that we gained and can't wait to share that knowledge with you tomorrow! We are asking that, if you have both, to bring your iPad and your MacBook with you for training in the morning. We have many things to share with you on both.

What should I bring?

Obviously, you need to bring your MacBook and iPad (charge them the night before!)- and there are a couple of apps we would like for you to install before coming. The first is iBooks- a free app from Apple. Please install the iBooks app on your iPad, and then check your Absolute Self Service to see if you have iBooks Author installed on your MacBook. Absolute Self Service is the district program manager where you can get things like Smart Board drivers, the latest version of Shockwave, or useful programs like iBooks Author. It can be found in your Applications folder- check Finder or Spotlight (the magnifying glass on top of your screen).

The second is called Schoology. Schoology is a "Learning Management System" (or LMS) that several teachers plan to use with their classes next year. We plan to use it as part of our in-service activities tomorrow. You will need to sign up for an account, but the account is free. The group code for our xCamp Collaboration group is 6WJTJ-PQK39. Click on the Groups menu at the top, click Join and enter the code!

Grab the Apps

Visit the Site

Bring Your Ideas!

Outline of Events

1. MacBook and iPad Basics

2. iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band (MacBook)

3. iBooks (MacBook and iPad)

4. Air Server/Air Play

5. Apps for Notetaking, Presentation, Creation

6. iPad and Google Drive/Google Docs