Try To Survive 3rd Grade.

Mishell, cadence & Jacob.


Maps are hard to use but helpful, LOTS of people use them. Maps are very important to people, People used them a LONG time ago, Some of them use them to find states,

Fairy tales ALWAYS something that can never happen.Fairy tales are very fun to read, they make you feel like you're in your own fairy tale, It's fun to read fairy tale ALWAYS read them kids always.


Area & perimeter, Pretend you have a square, The area is the inside of the square & the perimeter is ALL the sides! Area is a fun way to learn, it was mt favorite part of math Time on a clock, Time on a clock is easy to tell what time it is when your in 3rd grade. Time is a very important part of math. Time on a clock is a much easier way to see time.

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Weather tools help you see how fast the weather is going & there is other tools that tell different things. Weather tools help people a lot & they are used basically ALL around the world. You can maybe find something on the internet and craft one of them your own.

Mixtures are things that get mixed things that get mixed up and make mixtures.We made a mixture with food like, Marshmallows. Mixtures are used in lots of different types of foods and materials. Like a salad, Tomatoes, Leafs.

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Social Studies

Food chains are animal that get eaten and what they eat.They are LOTS of animals in the food chain. Every animal is in the food chain. Food chains ALWAYS start with plant eaters. Always start with like, Grass, Weeds.

Solids are things that can not be broken by humankind. Liquids are like, water, look-aid liquids can go through tiny holes. Liquids have lots of little particles swimming around. Solids are like, Bricks, Tables, & Lots of other things.

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Why you should show Service.

You need the lifeskill of service because, If you don’t show service you will be helping NO ONE!! Than maybe they won’t help you back. & You won’t be helping the people in the world, Than you would probably make those people mad & they will maybe be mad & not nice to other people.

favorite event in 3rd grade.

Valentine’s day party. We get to bring our own little male box\ make mail box, We get candy, Friends, Lots of fun with teachers, Dress up all pink, red.
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