Lineville Technology

By: Tristan Deneys

Typing Web

We have been using this website all this semester. Typing is an important skill to learn when you are younger because when you are older you might have a job where you have to type for most of the day. Every class we have a 5 minute warm up on typing web.


In technology we make a trailer in the app Imovie where we talked about our lives. Everyone shared theirs and you learn a lot of information about peoples lives. We got just a small bit of information onneverybody's lives.

Career Locker

In Career Locker we found out what career we thought would be best for us. We also got help from the website about if our dream job is really best for us. In this we found out the salary of jobs and where you can get educated.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is a app in our iPads where we made a presentation on our dream job. We all had to share ours. We got to know a lot about a lot of jobs.

Explain Everything

In explain everything we got to use it for a math problem. We did all the work and had to submit it to schoology. Not everybody had to present theirs unless they wanted to then they could.

Hour of Code

In hour of code we got to play around with a website that had tons of different activity's. We learned how to make our own games. Also we found out how to program.

Email Etiquette

We learned how to email properly with using correct grammar. Also we had to email the teacher a fake problem we had using everything we learned. Then she checked it over and gave us a score.