The History of Crayola

The Begining

The small company Binny&Smith had always been a small company but now, almost a hundred years later their company is HUGE! It all started in 1864 when Joeseph Binny found Peekskill for producing charcoal and lamp black. Later in 1880 he hires his son, Edwin Binny, and his nephew, C. Harold Smith. Eventually in 1885 Joeseph Binny retires and gives the company to Edwin and Harold, who start a partnership called Binny&Smith!

In The Furture

Crayola has grown a lot over the years, they have gone from just making black crayons and colored pencils to making the newest toys like the Crayola Airbrush! Crayola is on there way to becoming one of the best children art supply company's!