New Content Added!!


Safari Montage has some new content that has been added!

Please click on the attachments in the bottom half / Red + White + Blue / for additional information.


Please note:

1. Great to know that some of you are using Safari Montage to share lessons and video segments with your students.

2. You and your students may log in with / Check Databases / Alpha order @ Safari Montage.

Log-in Format:

User Name Same as computer log-on

Password Same as computer log-on

Please let me know if you need additional assistance for logging into SM.

3. Also, I have attached the listing for grades K-8 in case you want to know the added content for your own children in any of those grades.

4. If you want additional assistance about using these fun Smore flyers, I will be glad to help you and your students.

5. Thanks so much and Happy, Happy Homecoming!!!!!!

Roswell High School Media Tech Center wants our students and staff to use Safari Montage and MackinVIA resources!!

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