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Open call for interested stakeholders to join the I-LINC platform for ICT (for) learning and inclusion focused on boosting the employability of young people.

Project summary

Due to the high youth unemployment rate in Europe there is a need to put all our efforts to achieving the goals of employability and entrepreneurship for our future generations. In the ICT industry particularly, but also in other industries wherever employers need people with ICT skills, the skills gap is quickly widening.

I-LINC aims to develop a sustainable and all encompassing platform on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion. The I-LINC platform will be an online environment for networking, participation and learning that will focus on boosting the employability and entrepreneurship capacities of young people. The project will benefit and gather existing platforms, networks and resources that are available on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion. The project will also develop an active community of stakeholders in the field while linking them to the main beneficiaries - young people.

The platform will facilitate stakeholders’ deliberations to modernise education through ICT, provide inclusive alternatives to formal education brought from the non-formal education sector and the third sector, and create a new “digital” path for employment for young people (and, by extension, to those at risk of social exclusion).

Open call details

In order to achieve its goals and reach greater impact, the project encourages the participation of teachers (teaching professionals) and teacher communities who could bring valuable experience and provide their perspective on ICT (for) learning and inclusion which is crucial for achieving the project’s aims.

For this purpose the I-LINC consortium invites all interested teaching professionals to join the I-LINC platform and contribute to tackling youth employability by empowering young people through ICT skills.

What’s in it for the teachers?

By joining the I-LINC platform teachers will benefit from:

· Free access to a continuous flow of news, information and resources;

Free access to (information on) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for further professional