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What's News?

  • Paul and his family just moved and there was a fishy muck fire always burning.
  • Paul finds out that the school is really weird.
  • Paul finds Erik playing a lot of football with friends.
  • Paul wants to know why he doesn't fit in.
  • Mike Costello gets shocked by lightning during football practice.
  • Nobody really cares for what happened.
  • A sinkhole occurs at Lake Windsor.
  • Paul moves to Tangerine Middle.
  • He gets on their soccer team but as a sideline guy.
  • Paul gets a part as a starter.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Erik and Paul are very different from each other. Erik loves football and Paul likes soccer. But they are much more different mentally than physically. Paul is blind and has huge glasses but can somehow see. But that is just the beginning. Erik is a bully and is mean to other people, Paul on the other hand is a very nice person and appreciates others. Erik has a group of friends and it is kind of like a gang. Paul has a few friends and he isn'[t the social type of guy.

Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy strike, literally. During a normal football practce on a normal day, suddenly, lightning shot out of the sky! It shocked Mike and half of his body was completely hairless. He was dead. That suprisingly didn't bring any change to the school or football practice. Later his funeral was private so only a handful of people attended. Erik also starter calling him Mohawk man because his hair burned off like a mowhawk. That was very mean and rude.

MOYA Close Up

YA is a huge issue in todays world. MOYA is the Month Of the Young Adolescent. This issue is taking childrens lives. It relates to Tangerine for Erik being a bully. The cause is Erk being a bully, the effect is people not wanting to be around those types of people. Another issue is Paul's blindness. He can be frusterated when he can't see. The last type of MOYA issue is criminal acts like when Victor vandalized. Some teens do so they get arrested.

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Tangerine, FL

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