Aerospace Engineers

The sky is just the playing field.

Career Details

Aerospace engineers design and test aerospace objects like planes, rockets, satellites, and etc. They work full time mostly in a building when designing in order to use computers and other resources. Project managers usually work extra hours to monitor progress. The average salary for an aerospace engineer is $97,480 a year and around $46.86 an hour.

Education and Skills

An entry level Aerospace engineer needs to have a bachelor degree and a major in aeropsace engineering. The main things a student will learn are general engineering principles, propulsion, stability and control, structures, mechanics, and aerodynamics. Some important skills to have would be Analytical, Business, critical-thinking, math, teamwork, and writing.

Job Outlook

The job growth is slower then the average growth of job at an expected growth of 5% by 2020. There is a need for aerospace engeeniers as aircraft try to become more quite and fuel efficient. Also private companies are starting to look into space flight and most projects are for national defense or civilian aircraft. Aerospace engeeniers who work for national deffensive have more job security becuase they have security clearance.


Most entry level engineering with a bachelor degree make around 61,000 then advance their way up. A senior level engineer can make around 146,000. As an engineer's career progress they will get a masters degree in their field and even a P.H.D that will increase their pay and skill level. A big first step is become a project director. After that they can advance to become a technical specialist or a supervisor. Some may even advance to department managers or other executive positions.