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October 2019

Lynnhaven Elementary

Mrs. Teri Breaux - Principal

Mr. Matthew Fischi - Assistant Principal

Home of the Lions!

Message from the Principal

Happy October!

I am so proud of how our Lions have adjusted to the beginning of the school year. It was a fun start with a day off the first week of school due to Hurricane Dorian. Doesn't that seem like so long ago? I hope that this newsletter finds everyone well and that all our families are in great school routines.

To all our new families, welcome to Lynnhaven ES! We will send The Lions Den out once a month to give families and overview of the happenings around the school.

During September, our 5th graders went to the largest field trip in the world - the air show at Oceana! They had a wonderful time. Thank you to all our parent chaperones who made this event special for our students!

We are in need of a PTA! Please consider becoming an officer of the PTA, so we can reinstate our membership to the Virginia PTA. PTA nomination forms will be going home soon, so be on the lookout for this opportunity. In order to be an active PTA, we need, at minimum, the following offices to be filled: President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Thank you for considering!


Teri Breaux

Month at a Glance

Sept. 30 - Oct. 11 - 2nd grade Swimming

Oct. 8 - SCA Officers Meeting 3:00

Oct. 10 - Fall picture day

Oct. 11 - SCA Officer Installation

Oct. 14 - Virtual Learning Day - School Closed for Students

Oct. 14 - Staff Day - No School for Students

Oct. 17 - Safety Patrol Meeting 3:00

Oct. 22 - PreK field trip to Pumpkin Patch

Oct. 22 - SCA Officers and Class Representatives Meeting 3:00

Picture Day

Individual Fall pictures will be taken on Thursday, October 10. Pictures may be ordered before picture day on line at with your picture day ID: VA229196Q0 .

Virtual Learning Day

Our first Virtual Learning Day for the school year will be Monday, October 14th. There will be no school for students that day, but they will have a virtual task that will need to be completed outside of school. More information will come home soon about the assignment.

Arrival/Student Drop Off

Thank you for your patience the first month of school with student drop off. This year more than ever, we wanted to start from the beginning of the year enforcing our drop off procedures. For the safety of children, students are only to be dropped off in the loop by the flag pole. During the first couple weeks of school, we had a scare with a child getting out of a car in a different parking lot and almost was hit by another car. Please, for the safety of our students, utilize the drop off by the flag pole.

Additionally, we have seen an uptick of drop off along Maverick and Dillon. As you know, Dillon Drive is very busy in the morning, and dropping students off along Dillon or Maverick to cross over is not the safest option.

Why are some people allowed to pull in to the parking lot by the gym? We have two cluster bus stops for An Achievable Dream Academy at Seatack Elementary and Lynnhaven Middle Schools that pick up right in front of our school during our student arrival. So those cars do not block Dillon for our buses, we do allow them to pull in to the parking lot.

Thank you for your assistance with student drop off to ensure everyone is safe!

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Title I Family Review Committee 2019-20

We are working to devlop our list of family members to represent our school at three meetings this year for our Title I Family Review. The family members selected will attend meetings from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. on November 22nd, February 28th, and April 29th.

If you are interested in being considered for this input, please email Heather Robinson at by October 10th.

Physical Education (P.E.) and Recess - Shoes

Every day our students are getting physical education as well as recess. For their safety, please make sure your child wears closed toed shoes with a rubber sole. Students not having proper foot wear may have to sit out of activities.

Help our Students be Good Digital Citizens

This month, we are promoting Digital Citizenship through conversations with students on how to be smart when using online resources.

Parents can be involved too! Take a look at the buttons before for more information on how parents can monitor their children's online activity.

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Curriculum Updates - Quarter 1

Quarter 1 - Language Arts

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Quarter 1 - Math

Kindergarten: To begin the year, in Numeration students will study numbers through ten and develop forward and backward counting skills. In Geometry, students will identify and describe plane figures, compare their sizes and shapes and describe locations relative to another. All Kindergarteners will be assessed using the VKRP assessment tool this school year.

Grade One: Students will begin the year in the Numeration unit by expanding their understanding of numbers up to 120 and identifying ordinal positions. Students will begin developing fluency with addition and subtraction through understanding part-whole relationships of numbers up to five. During the Geometry unit, students will sort and describe plane figures, classify concrete objects and work with geometric patterns.

Grade Two: Students will spend the first quarter exploring the Base-10 number system through identifying place and value, comparing numbers, rounding numbers to the nearest ten, skip counting and counting backwards. Students will be demonstrating fluency with addition and subtraction within 10.

Grade Three: Students will begin the year exploring place and value, rounding, comparing and ordering numbers during the Numeration unit. During the Computation unit, focus will be on applying strategies for addition and subtraction of whole numbers, including practical problems and using understanding of skip counting to begin demonstrating fluency for 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s multiplication facts.

Grade Four: The year kicks off in the Numeration unit with exploring place and value of nine digit whole numbers, comparing, ordering and rounding numbers through the millions. In the Computation unit, students will apply strategies for addition, subtraction and multiplication for problem solving. Students will demonstrate fluency in multiplication and division facts and begin exploring division strategies.

Grade Five: Numeration and Computation with Whole Numbers starts the year for Grade Five. Students will explore characteristics of even/odd and prime/composite numbers and apply strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in single-step and multi-step practical problems. During the Geometry unit, students will measure and classify angles as well as investigate triangles, polygons and circles. Students will also explore transformations.

Q1 - Science and Social Studies

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Lynnhaven Elementary Administration

Our administration strives to build and maintain positive relationships with students, teachers, and parents. Should parents have a concern or question, please feel free to reach Mrs. Teri Breaux, Principal, at or Mr. Matthew Fischi, Assistant Principal, at Both Mrs. Breaux and Mr. Fischi can also be reached by phone at 648-3000. Please allow 24-48 hours for a return call or email.

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