Missouri Today

By: Kaitlyn & Emma

The climate in Missouri also where Missouri is located, plus natural resources that you will find in Missouri

land forms of missouri,how missouri is divers and famous writers,musains,artists,and athlets . plus a suprise thing about missouri

land forms of Missouri

land forms of Missouri: The glaciers in the ice age crated low flat regions called plans. Hire flat areas are called plans. nature did there work thousands of years ago. the water created beautiful canyons and rivers.

How Missouri is divers

Immigrants come from all over the world. mainly china,Canada, mexico & vitamin. because Missouri has many cutlers. Missouri has many cutlers that make it divers.

famous artist ,writers ,musicians , & athlets

Some famous artist are Thomas Hart Benton, T.S Elle and Nellie E Peters. Some famous Writers are the poet Langston Hughes, Thomas Stearns known as T.S Eliot, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Samuel Clemens or Mark Twain as people call him. Hear are some famous musicians are Charlie Parker Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, Count Basie and Mary Lou Williams. These are some of the famous athlets Bill Bradley and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

This is the Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch was designd by the famous architect, Ero saarinen. It was completed in 1965. Visitors can ride to the top 630-foot structure for views of the entire city. The arch marks St.Louis as the Gateway to the west.