CIvil War Spy

Stakeout on Slave, Abolitionist, and Northern Soldier

Slave- Mary Schiner

Briefing: Mary Schiner was born a slave. Being a slave means that she had an owner who forced her to do anything he or she said. If she didn't, she would get punished by beatings, whippings, hangings, etc.. The only things that gave her hope was the fact that she could have a family and that she could some day (though unlikely) buy her freedom. She worked hard all day and lived in poor conditions, without the right foods, and had little living necessities (clothes, blankets, etc.). The life of a slave was a hard one.


  • Children as early as ages six through ten became water carriers
  • Slaves were given work according to their own physical capabilities
  • The main tool that slave owners use for controlling slaves is the the whip

My View: If I were in Mary's position, I would probably be very frightened. I would feel helpless and I would hate to have no control over my own life. Slavery is an awful thing and I'm glad It is gone.

Abolitionist- Fredrick Augustus Washington Bailey Douglass

Briefing: Frederick Douglass was born a slave and became an abolitionist. The older he got, the more Frederick despised the slave owners. He did anything he could to help slaves; he taught them to read, tried to help them escape, and wrote papers and books against slavery. He worked with Abraham Lincoln for a short time to try to emancipate slavery. It is pretty obvious that he was glad for the Civil War and that the slaves were freed.


  • All slaves were given a monthly allowance of food and a yearly allowance of clothing
  • Some abolitionist used violence and attacked slave owners
  • Frederick died of heart failure in Washington, D.C.

My View: I would have been proud to be in Fredrick's position. If I were him, I would have earned my freedom, helped other slaves, and helped end the Civil War. Those are a lot of great accomplishments! He must have been a great man.

Northern Soldier- Jake Preston

Briefing: Jake Preston was part of the Union Army. He was probably frightened, like a lot of the soldiers were, but he was determined to fight for the North and what he believed in; he also wanted to fight for some of the men who lost their lives in the war. The life of a soldier was not easy, the conditions were terrible, and it was probably very lonely without his family.


  • The Union Army had 2.9 million men
  • The soldiers were nicknamed "Yankees" or "Yanks"
  • The tools and materials that the soldiers carried weighed about 45-50 pounds

My View: It is an honorable thing to do to be in the army. Jake fought for what he believed in and did what was right. I would be afraid, but I would be glad that I was helping fight slavery.