It's a Boy!!

(It's too hard to keep this secret any longer.)

Meet Shug...short for Sugar Bear

For a very, very long time...I've wanted an English Cream Golden Retriever. I swore I wouldn't have a puppy again...and we'd only rescue....just like we did with Sophie and Hank. But sometimes the stars align and you just have to go with it. Shug is about 10 weeks old and comes from Golden Souls Kennel near Bruno, Nebraska.

The future is bright for Shug!

Shug is staying with his fur Mom and fur Pop for about another month and a half while Mr. Mahoney and I get through this busy time of year. We visit him often...and it gets harder and harder to leave that little cutie behind each time we return to Lincoln. Rest assured! He is surrounded by five big dogs, two loving humans, a bunch of cats and even a few chickens! They spoil him each day and he will continue to learn "dog etiquette" from his fur family.

He will be home with us sometime in late April or early May and somehow I'll figure out a way for students to see him before summer vacation.

But what about Hank? (Because I know that you'll ask.)

What will Hank think of a puppy? He will not be thrilled...but we know that he'll get used to having an "ankle biter" around. I predict that by mid-summer...they'll be good buds.

Hank will continue to come to school a couple of times a week this year and next. Even if Shug is ready to take the therapy dog test, he can't test until early January next year. So maybe by this time next year he'll be a Randolph staff member!

So why are they called "English Cream"??

English Cream golden retrievers sometimes have lineage to Europe and are typically lighter than other goldens. Shug's grandparents on both sides are from Eastern Europe, and he'll hopefully stay a creamy white color. Other than that...he's just like a golden in every way!

Want to follow Shug's progress as he grows into a big boy? Follow his blog by clicking below!