By: Carl Deuker


Daniel True- He's a teenager that is 17 he is a chubby boy his dream is to become a reporter and he is a football player

Angel Marichal-He is the boy who play's football (postion wide receiver) Angel is keeping a secret tha Daniel is trying to make him spill

Mr.McNulty- He is the coach for the Lincoln high's football team McNulty is really tough and strick coach


Daniel True, is a 17 year old boy that goes to Lincoln High, Daniel dreams of being a famous reporter from New York Times. Daniel one day is assigned to do reports of sports for the Lincoln news, McNulty the football coach. Daniel finds out that coach McNulty is hiding a talented kid named Angel Marichal. Daniel needs to find why he won't let this talented kid Angel play football with the rest of the team. Now its Daniel's job to find out why he won't let this Angel kid play for Lincoln's high's football team.

Read the book to find the big secret :)