Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Providing the care and consideration you deserve

Providing consideration and care

At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we strive to ease your grieving process as much as possible. We provide unique funeral services for your unique loved one. We understand that Earth is home to many different kind of people and Eternal Rest provides the different services that you need. We cover all your cultural and individual needs.


We understand that planning a funeral can be stressful and we take it upon us to relieve that stress. We will work with you to plan the most appropriate and caring service. This includes the casket, method of burial, and cultural requirements.


Eternal Rest strives to accommodate your familial and economical concerns. We have multiple payment plans and recognize that death is often sudden. We do not require immediate payment and are flexible to you. We consider it our duty to make your grieving process as easy as possible. Any specific individual needs will be met. For example, cremation, specific music, and specific casket/body arrangements.

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