Tango and Yoga! a 2part workshop

Sunday Nov. 23rd, 4pm to 6pm followed by Pasta Primavera!

The Tango:

The tango spiral matrix: Tango in a sense is one asana. One highly adaptive, responsive, fluid asana which functions as the physical medium through which one dancer connects with another dancer. This exercise is designed to access the core of tangos postural dynamics and make them second nature.

Planeos: Now bring all the tango spiral matrix awesomeness into a partnership.

Simple, sexy and hugely beneficial to the rest of tango. Learn or refine the four basic planeos with various entrances and exits, then string them all together.

Volcadas: Easier than their reputation and so much more fun. Learn or refine the four basic volcadas with various entrances and exits.

The Yoga:

Yoga and Tango are perfect partners. The most obvious commonality and in many ways the most important is connection. In the instance of tango that connection is more physically accessible because we have a partner to dedicate our attention to. ...Another living breathing human animal, alive with that subtle but staggeringly beautiful “something” called a soul. In yoga it’s slightly more elusive because our partner is that wild aliveness called the Prana that lives in the present moment. In both modalities the discipline and playfulness we bring to our practice yields the same reward, being more in love with life.

This is a two-part workshop. The yoga portion will be a warm-up and therapeutic settling in, in preparation for fulling accessing the tango- physically, mentally and spiritually.

$20, Andrea's House, must RSVP with Angie (call or text) 505-862-9644