What's the Buzz in 4Sc

October 14, 2016

Mrs. Schaefer's 4th Grade Class

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy hearing about what we have been up to at school this week. Groups of students will be collaborating with one another to fill you in on our week of learning!

Our Week of Learning

  • This week we started doing our reading groups.
  • We also were observing pictures to practice our reading skills.
  • This week we are reading Wake Up Missing for our read aloud.
  • This week we started reading our lit log books and we were introduced to reading books on Epic!


  • This week in math we have been learning about metric measurements. We learned about how to add the measurements together.
  • 1m = 100cm and 1,000m = 1km.
  • We worked on fluency for multiplication facts too.

Mrs. Krasinski's Class:

  • This week we learned how to do standard algorithm, partial product, and area model for multiplying 2 by 2 and 3 by 1 digit numbers.
  • We had a quiz on 2 by 2 and 3 by 1 digit numbers, area and perimeter, standard algorithm, area model, and partial product.

Social Studies

  • For our stamp project we had to draw something historic to the Southwest and write a paragraph about it!
  • What some topics people did for their stamps were: The Grand Canyon, The Alamo, Cave Art, OIl production and many more.
  • In writing our project is the Seed Story. This week we finished pre-writing. We are also editing and publishing these stories.
  • We followed the Writing Process for our seed stories.
  • We won an extra recess because of having the most kids in our class that walked to school.
  • Last week for grandparents day we made a power point.
  • In music we played pass the pumpkin. It is were you get in a circle and pass a pumpkin around the circle.

Weekly Reflections

Each week we will complete a weekly reflection. This helps us reflect on what we did this week. These will tell you if we finished all of our homework on time or not. Also, they tell you what we feel went well and didn't go well in class this week. These can also tell you what we learned. On these we decide if we did our best in all the classes. Our class goal for next week is to be more quieter when the lunchroom supervisors say for us to quit down at lunch.

Extra Math Assistance

  • Lesson tutorials are available through the following link: http://www.geneva304.org/FourthGrade_ccm.aspx
  • If you would like to provide your child with extra multiplication practice they are able to access their fluency project from home by logging into their Office 365 account.

What Stuck With You...

Click the link below to see what stuck with the students of 4SC this week!

Helpful Resources for 4th Grade

Book Orders

There are tons of wonderful books available in this months book order. You may send a check in for your order or books are available to order online through Scholastic Books.

Book order code: LGHNC

Book order due date: Friday, October 30

Reminders and Upcoming Events

Friday, October 21 - Fun Fair

October 24-28 - Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 31 - Halloween Parade/ Party

Friday, November 11 - School Improvement: Half Day