The Battle of the Bulge

By Jekshua Rincon, Nick Jones, and Kyler S


The battle of the bulge was one of the last major offensive attacks for the Nazi, and this was fought over the winter months of 1944-1945. This battle was the last attempt to split up the allied force in WWII, and destroy their ability to resupply themselves. This attack was know as the Ardennes Offensive, until the first strike by the Germans created a bulge in the allied front lines.


It was Hitlers last chance in Western Europe to spilt up the allied forces. He committed a large numbers of troops and resources to push the American Divisions in Belgium back in his drive to capture Antwerp . This port was used by the Allies to supply their effort to drive into Germany and this offensive was meant to stop or to least greatly cripple it. The attack ultimately failed


The Battle of the Bulge was fought by the Allied forces, including the Americans and the British, against the Germans. The battle was fought in parts of France, Belgium, and Nazi Germany. The battle took place between December 16th, 1944 and January 25th, 1945. This battle resulted in a decisive Allied victory, with the Germans experiencing multiple operational failures. There were approximately 76,500 Allied casualties, with the Germans having around 67,200-100,000 casualties.


The battle of Bulge devastated Germany greatly with a loss of around 30,000 soldier in the battle. Germany also lost so many weapon, tank, and equipment, which the german industries was able to replenish those materials by the end of the war. Germany lost greatly and now their are not able to launch another attack against the Allied forces. The battle of bulge was known for ruining German army, which eventually bought the war to an end.