Penny Wise Paradise in Pawleys

Shelly Williams

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 4pm-11am

111-2 Weehawka Way, Pawleys Island, SC, United States

Dear Shelly,

I hope you have a safe trip and will have no trouble finding my home. Here is some information you may find useful for your upcoming visit. Read over everything thoroughly and call me if you have any questions.

I know you will have a wonderful time! If you need anything during your visit, please feel free to call of text me. The information you need to unlock the unit is below.

I ask that each visitor lets me know when they have arrived so that I know everything is in order at the condo. You can use the RSVP below or simply email or text me.

Thank you,

Debbie Brooks


RSVPs are enabled for this event.



The code to unlock the door is 1001* . It is important not to forget the star! You will need to use your entire hand to activate the lock as seen in the pictures below.


Wireless Name: Weehawka 1112
Password: Pawleys1006
no capital letters
Do not login to any wireless with the name Pawleys. It is not mine and it is very weak.

Operating the TV

There are complete instructions for the Time Warner Cable remote in the coffee table.

  • To turn on the TV & Cable Box: press the System On button.
If one of the components does not turn on:
  • Press the white component such as “TV” button at the top of the remote under the power button, it will light red. Now press the power button.


There are two separate heating and cooling units in the condo. The main unit is controlled by the NEST thermostat and controls the main living area and the master bedroom. The second bedroom has another heating and cooling unit of its own.

Life In PI

You may interested to know that there is an app for smartphones that might be useful during your trip. Life in PI has tons of great information such weather, tide tables, but the best information is the calendar of local events. Try it out and see if you like it. Simply go to your App Store and search for Life in PI. It can also be found at: http://lifeinpiapp.com/


Phone Number at the Unit: 843-314-0173

(phone is behind the TV)

* the retro phone beside the kitchen does not work-yet.

Pool Key

The pool key is hanging on the wall directly across from the kitchen. The pool is down from the unit on Stillwell Drive.

Beach Towels

There are beach towels in the second bedroom closet that you are welcome to use. I only ask that they be washed and returned to the closet before you leave because these towels are too time consuming for the cleaning staff to handle along with the other laundry they will be doing before the next guest arrives

Huntington Beach State Park Pass

There is a pass for Huntington Beach State Park hanging on the wall by the kitchen. Feel free to use this in your car during your stay. It will provide free entrance into the park. There is plenty of beach access, nature trails and restrooms. There is a park store that has some interesting items for purchase. Atalaya, the winter home for Anna and Archer Huntington is on the grounds and tours are $2.00. The Huntington’s also were responsible for establishing Brookgreen Gardens that is across the street from Huntington Beach State Park.