The Famous Life of Matt Cruse

Inside his impossible world

About Our Matt Cruse By: Captain Walken of the airship Aurora

He was a young boy when he got to our ship, small and "Light as air" as we called him. He is a very smart fellow who's first interest is the same as the ship's. He does exactly as he is told and is always looking out for the ship and her passenger's. Really he should of been a first class sail maker but Bruce Lunardi came in and stole his job to be. One day he will be a captain of some sort of that I am sure, he has all the right attributes, being kind but knowing when to be firm and he can think for himself. Thats our Matt cruse for you.

Inside his adventures

Why Matt is so special by: Matt's roommate Baz

Our Matt he has a cunningly deceptive personalty that makes him all the more fun to be around. He is a very adventurous man, searching the Island for all organisms with the same care as if they were humans. The air is where he lives and loves but nature kind of speaks to him. Scouring the island for all sorts of creatures including that cloud-cat, still kind of scares me but Matt can take it and will always find a way out if there is a problem. A special man that Matt is.
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