by Luciano and Pat

Information About Kepler 22b

  • Diameter- 19,003.2.
  • Distance from the sun- 79 million miles.
  • Average Temperature- 22.2c or 72f.
  • Length of a day- Unknown.
  • Length of a year- 290 days.
  • It has no moons or rings.
  • We would be 17 years old on the planet.
  • It would take us 6,200 years to get to the planet.

Interesting Facts About Kepler 22b

  1. Orbits a star similar to the sun but is 25% lighter.
  2. It's a small gas planet.
  3. Kepler 22b was the first planet with a star like sun.

Some Problems You Would Experence

  1. We don't know if it has an atmosphere.
  2. We would have to live in its oceans.
  3. You would also need generations of people because it take 6,200 years to get there.

Overcoming Some of The Problems Ubove

  1. Building a rocket ship able to fly 620 light years.
  2. Bringing enough oxygen for everyone.
  3. Getting people to come on the trip and raising more kids so they can carry on the mission.