King Philip (Metacomet)

By: Trey Sledge, Michael Nehme, Anna Woo, Jacob Harris

King Philip's Family History

King Philip's father is Massasoit, the chief of the Wampanoag tribe. He became chief after his father. Massasoit helped the Plymouth settlers survive their first winter in the New World. Also, King Philip's Wampanoag tribe name was Metacom. Philip's son and wife were captured while he was killed. The Wampanoag tribe was ruled by Philip during the war between colonists in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

King Philip's War (What made Metacomet famous)

Colonial King Philips War 1

Contribution to History.

Like we said above, King Philip is most known for King Philip's War and that is why we study him. But what was his role in the war?

King Philip initially supported trade between his tribe and the English colonies. He attempted to live alongside the colonists, but the colonies continued their western expansion. As the colonists, mostly those in Plymoth Colony, Massachusetss, gradually increased pressure on King Philips people, the Plymouth Colony forced them to surrender their ammunition and armaments. They also agreed that they were subject to English Law. In 1675, hostilities broke out and King Philip led the enemies of the English to war in order to stop the expansion. King Philip, along with his tribal alliances, planned to drive the English colonists out of New England. This was the beginning of King Philip's War. The war lasted from June 1675 to April 1678, with the Indian's resistance quickly dying out after King Philip was killed by a praying Indian on August 12 1676.

Over 600 colonists and 3000 Indians would die by the wars end. In addition over 3000 Indians died from other causes due to the war, such a as disease and famine. While the colonists also suffered, losing 8% of their white male population, the native Americans suffered the majority of the losses during the war.

Did King Philip have good citizenship? Integrity?

First we have to define the citizenship and integrity to understand Metacomet's character.

Citizenship- To be a contributing member of a country who is subject to its laws, recognized by its government, and receives all the benefits and restrictions thereof. A good citizen actively seeks to promote the general welfare of the country and supports the government in power as long as it is acting in the best interest of the people.

Integrity- Integrity: To be subject to ones own moral values, to follow them regardless of whether or not it will lead to personal gain, and to do so consistently.

Was King Philip a good citizen?

King Philip was obviously a good citizen, as he fought against the colonists in order to reclaim the resources and rights they had taken from his people, despite the fact that his efforts were in vain. He also had a strong sense of integrity. This is evident in both the fact that he sought to atone for the concessions he was forced to make with the colonists and that he quite obviously put his fellow tribesman before himself, given that he died as a result of his actions.

It matters in which perspective you look at King Philip from, the English believed that they owned New England and in turn King Philip was a citizen of that land. Since he rebelled, he would have been though of as a bad citizen. But when looked from the perspective of his own tribe, he was the leader and died for his tribesman. Meaning he was a great citizen.