The Three Blind Mice go to

Criminal Court

The Three Blind Mice go to Criminal Court

One day, when the Three blind mice broke into the farmer's house, the farmer's wife had them arrested. They waited at the jail until Pinocchio came and poster their bail. After their hearing with a Grand Jury, it was decided that the mice were to be charged with breaking and entering, a felony. After their indictment, each mouse was assigned a pubic defender to represent them in court. At the arrangement, the trail was set for August 2. One of the mice wanted to plea bargain, but his lawyer reminded him that there was none of that in criminal court. The petit jury and witness were summoned to the court. The mice decided to subpoena Goldilocks to help uphold their alibi. The defendants and prosecution both presented their arguments before the judge, both swearing to tell the truth and not commit perjury. After the jury deliberated, they delivered the verdict to the parties: The mice had been acquitted of their crimes! The farmer, outraged that his wife has been injustices so, decided to appeal the decision. That exciting experience is chronicled in our next installment; Mice and Appellate Jurisdiction.
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