Alpha Kappa Psi- Beta NUsletter

January 2016


Hello, everyone! I hope you all had happy holidays and were able to spend them with loved ones. The spring semester began on January 25, so active brothers are getting back into a schedule of classes, meetings, clubs, etc. Since we have only been in school for a week during this month, this will be a relatively short newsletter. Read below for our spring schedule!

*If you are interested in speaking to us, please email me ( or our Vice President, Aspen Ruane (! We would love to have more alumni speakers.

*If you or another alumni have accepted a job, earned a promotion, gotten married, etc., let me know! We would love to spread the good news and celebrate our Brothers' success!

*Please like our Facebook Page, our Alumni Page, and join our Alumni LinkedIn Page. All links can be found at the bottom of the page.

How to Update Your Information

Our website is At the top right of the home screen, you log in. After you log in, the "My Profile" section will be expanded on the left side of the screen. The second option down says "Update Your Profile." That should do it!

Events & More!

Upcoming events:

2/2- Recruitment Event @ 6pm, BU 127

2/4- Informal Recruitment @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

2/9- Recruitment Event @ 6pm, TBA

2/11- Formal Recruitment & BBB Presentations @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

2/18- Inductions & Brother Bonding @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

2/25- TBD @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

3/3- Midcourt Interviews @ 7pm, TBA

3/10- TBD @ 7:15pm, BU AUD


3/24- Elections @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

3/31- Speaker Sarah Siebel (Target) @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

4/7- Speaker Anna Chopping @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

4/14- Brother Bonding @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

4/21- Court of Honor @ 7pm, TBA

4/23- Initiations @ 2pm

4/28- TBD @ 7:15pm, TBA



Past events:

1/28- First Chapter Meeting @ 7:15pm, BU AUD

*If you are interested in speaking to us, please email me ( or our Vice President, Aspen Ruane (! We would love to have more alumni speakers.

Alumni Events:

4/30- 80th Anniversary Celebration

Community Service Events:

4/1-4/2- Relay for Life

Fundraising Activities:

2/6- Basketball Cleanup @ 5pm

2/13- Basketball Cleanup @ 3pm

2/20- Basketball Cleanup @ 3pm

2/25-3/31- Cookie Dough Sales

2/27- Basketball Cleanup @ 3pm

3/2- Basketball Cleanup @ 8pm

3/7- McAlister's Night @ 5pm

4/20- McAlister's Night @ 5pm

*McAlister's Night and Cookie Dough Sales are events that we would love your support in. You can help by eating at McAlister's anytime from 5-9pm and showing them an AKPsi flyer. For cookie dough sales, feel free to reach out to me or any other Beta Nu members to purchase some delicious dough! More details to come.

*If you are interested in donating to Beta Nu, please make checks payable to Alpha Kappa Psi - Beta Nu, mailing address:

Alpha Kappa Psi - Beta Nu

1000 E. University Avenue

Laramie, WY 82071

Social Events:

1/30- Border War Game @ 4pm

2/20- Blacklight Bowling @ 10:30pm

2/26- Fuzzy's with Xi Phi (UNC Chapter) @ TBA

3/5- Escape Room @ TBA

3/26- Avalanche Game @ TBA