traditional and digital publishing.

task 2

what is digit publishing

Digital publishing is where something is published online for example a e-book, e-magazine and a e-newsletter.


1. When you get something published online, it can be emailed, shared via social media and more. With a little luck, it may go viral, resulting in many unique visitors for your unique work!

2. E-book sales and online journal subscribers are unlimited because of low overhead costs to the publishers.

3. you become publicized on the internet and may become bigger and bigger and even get a job offer from a big magazine company, if they like your writing.

traditional publishing.

  1. There are no up front cost to the author. Authors get an advance that is split with the book agent who was able to get the author a book deal.
  2. The publisher makes the investment in paying for editing, design, printing, and distribution of the book, thus taking all the risk.
  3. Publishers have professional and experienced staff as well as freelancers to support book services.

e-magazine and traditional magazines

on a e-magazine you can view a story on the page and it will show a limited amount of the story and if you want to read more you can just click on the headline of the story and it will take you to the full story and there may even be a video, also there can be lots of images that are to do with the story.

On the other hand a traditional magazines only have a limited amount of spacer to write a story and can't have a lot of images, this is because of the limited space. the magazine company cant tell where they can improve on because the reader cant leave a comment to help the publisher get more readers.