2nd Grade Newsletter

Lots of learning is happening in 2nd Grade!

Boxes of Love

Mrs. Lundy’s class were inspired this month with a book recommendation from our Librarian, Mrs. Webber. They read the book, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. This story motivated the class to do something for their community. They were especially proud of their writing skills and wanted to write letters and decorate boxes for our valued senior citizens in the Santa Clarita Valley. With the help of their parents they were able to fill all of the boxes with items that were needed and convey a message of love to someone special.

2nd Grade Field Trip-Placerita Nature Center

Our second graders went to the Placerita Nature Center for their field trip. Here are some things our students said about the field trip. We saw possums, owls, red hawk tails, and snakes.-Mason Sarmenta We hiked and learned about different plants and how to make soap with flowers.-Brooke Johnson Snakes that eat gophers are called gopher snakes.-Cadence Wong We saw the Walker's cabin and learned that 14 people lived in the small cabin-Catlin Viudez