Central Elementary Update

Community Edition February 5th - 8th

Stock the Pirate Pantry!

Tomorrow before and after school we will be collecting donations for our Pirate Pantry! Please see the flyer below for locations and items of need! If you or someone you know would benefit from our Pirate Panty please contact the front office or our Communities in Schools Coordinator: Lynette Hollis @ 776-2150 or lhollis@lcisd.net
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Security Update

Central Elementary has a new system for screening potential security alerts as well as having up to date background checks on all visitors! What this means for our community is that EVERYONE who visits our campus will need to have their license scanned the next time you sign in. Even if you have scanned your license on our old system, we will need a new scan for this system. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for helping us keep our campus secure!

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Picture (Retake) Day!

New Students or students who need a retake from our fall photo shoot will have an opportunity for picture retakes on February 8th. This is the photo that will go in our yearbook so please make sure you mark your calendar if you missed the last one!

**Spring pictures and class pictures will be on Friday, March 1st as scheduled.**

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Procedures and Policies

Have you ever been at a business or function and thought to yourself "Why do they handle things this way, wouldn't it be easier if they just did _______?"

I do this all the time (my wife shakes her head at all my 'brilliant' ideas on how other people should handle their affairs). Central Elementary, as an entity, has over 70 staff members, just under 700 students and I am confident that there are things YOU see and think "there is an easier way to do this".

There are two things I'd ask our community to keep in mind:

1) Sometimes there are better ways of doing things and we genuinely appreciate your feedback. You have a perspective that we (or I) just don't and when a better way of doing things is presented we are happy to implement.

2) Sometimes our goal is not what is the fastest or most convenient. When it comes to our kid's safety or even protecting their instruction time, often the fastest and easiest is not the best.

With this in mind, we have a few procedures we would like to remind everyone of:

Our front office will not call students down to the office after 3 pm due to dismissal procedures, and we do ask that adults be present in the office for student pick up.

Visiting parents are asked to follow our cafeteria procedures and are not permitted to bring food for students that are not their own.

The campus expectation is that staff members respond as soon as they can but class time may not be interrupted for visits or phone calls unless there is an emergency.

As always we are grateful for each and every person who makes Central such an incredible place for our kids to learn and grow and thank you for partnering with us. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes our community to raise Central Pirates!

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