LHR 8th At-Home Learning

Week 3 - April 6-10, 2020

Welcome Message

Welcome to Week 3 of LH Rather Junior High At-Home Learning. What a unique time we are in! We recognize how incredibly difficult this situation is for many families, including our own. The fabulous teachers and staff at LHR have put together meaningful and purposeful learning activities for your child. Our goal is to provide you with assignments that are aligned to state standards while keeping in mind that it will not be the same as being in the school classroom. We plan for your child to be engaged in academic learning for approximately 2 hours each day.

We are so thankful for your support and hard work during this unprecedented time in education. Please remember to give yourself and your students lots of GRACE! We are all adjusting to these new routines and trying to find our "balance". Your family may have struggles, your teachers may have struggles, your principal may have struggles too! We are all in this together. We will continue to encourage, support, and uplift one another as we face this challenge as an opportunity to develop in ways that we never imagined!

Don't forget to reach out to your teachers on their Google Voice numbers or during their live meetings during "office hours". (That information is provided at the bottom of the newsletter.)

Be sure to snap a picture of your student completing At-Home Learning activities and post it on your Facebook page using the hashtag #WarriorsAtHomeLearning. We will try to share those on the BISD Facebook page and some may even make it into the LHR Yearbook!

Remember that each week's assignments start on Monday and are due on Sunday night. Each Monday a new set of assignments will be posted. Your child should spend a couple hours each day working on completing these assignments.


One Tribe ~ One Team ~ One Family ~ One Dream

8th Grade Math

Students will review previous content through a Learning Farm assignment. This Learning Farm assignment will cover two topics: Pythagorean Theorem and Scatter Plots. Students will have two options in Learning Farm: 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Practice and 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Assessment. Students are encouraged to complete the practice assignment before the assessment.The practice assignment will refresh their memory on Pythagorean Theorem and Scatter Plots. Once students have completed the practice assignment, they can complete the assessment. 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Assessment will be taken for a grade.

There is an additional assignment this week that is optional. This assignment is named 8th Gr/ Pre- Alg Corrections/Extra Cred. OPTIONAL This is an optional assignment for students to complete but, if completed correctly will provide points back to an assessment.

In Google Classroom there is a link to Learning Farm and a link to a calculator.

If you have any questions, please email, call, or text me.



8th Math/7th Pre-Algebra Week 3 At-Home Learning (Pythagorean Theorem)

8th ELAR (English Language Arts & Reading)

This week we are going to review informational and argumentative text. You will read “from The Future of the Mind” and take a selection quiz over the reading. We will also continue our journal to document our experiences in this unique situation.

  • Log in to Learning Farm and complete the lesson titled “Informational and Argumentative Text Review”
  • Remember your username will be your first initial and last name, and your password is lhrather. If you have trouble signing in, or you do not see the above assignment, please contact Mrs. Whitlock tori.whitlock@bonhamisd.org or 903.486.7490 to make sure that you are using the correct login for your account.
  • Please read “from The Future of the Mind”. It is available in Google Classroom. After you read, complete the selection quiz using evidence from the selection to support your response.
  • If you routinely have questions and answers read aloud to you, this is available for the selection quiz in Google Classroom. If you need the Learning Farm assignment questions and answers read to you, please contact Mrs. Whitlock during her office hours to receive oral administration.
  • To continue your journal this week, you will complete at least three entries. You will be documenting how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting you and your family, and how your day to day life has been affected. Some things to consider while writing journal entries:

    • 1) What is one thing that you look forward to doing after this pandemic is over?

    • 2) If yoou could change at home learning, what would you do differently?

    • 3) Describe your typical day of at home learning and social distancing. You can create a Google Doc to post these entries. There will be a place to submit your electronic journal in Google Classroom.
Week 3 AHL ELAR Video

8th Grade Social Studies

This week we are continuing our review of this year with units 5 and 6. You will be able to access the “Must Know” power points for both units in Google Classroom. Along with the power points there will be a “Points of Emphasis” assignment for each unit to complete this week. Log in to Google Classroom with your school email and password (the same one you use to log in to the Chromebook at school). Once logged in you will us the power point to help you to do the two assignments. Both assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom…once you have finished the assignment, return to the Google Classroom page, attach your work, and then click turn in. Once you have it turned in the box to the right will say “turned in”.

Assignment #1: Use the “Must Know” PowerPoint for Unit 5 to answer the questions.

Assignment #2: Use the “Must Know” PowerPoint for Unit 6 to answer the questions.

Map Review
Unit 1 flashcards Review

8th Science

During this third week of at home learning, in 8th Grade Science, we will review NEWTON’S LAWS. Your assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, ultimately taking you to StemScopes for your main assignments, in addition to other assignments that will support your learning. Your grade will primarily come from the StemScopes assignments. If you do not do well on your assignments the first time, you will have the opportunity to redo that assignment only 1 time.

To access your assignments, you will log into your Google Classroom account for Science using your BonhamISD student gmail account, click the new assignment in Google Classroom, click the link to StemScopes, and use your login information for StemScopes, and complete the assignments assigned to you. For most of you, your login information for StemScopes is your lunch number for the Username, and your lunch number for the Password. If it is different, a private message went out to you in Google Classroom the first week of at home learning.

If you have any questions, join me in video during my ‘office hours’, call me at 903-225-9772, or email me at erin.durante@bonhamisd.org.
Week 3 8th Science Zoom Video


Students enrolled in Honors Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and/or 2nd Semester Health will complete their assigned work in Edgenuity in order to receive high school credit for these courses. Please contact your teacher if you have any questions about your work in Edgenuity or need printed copies of assigned work.

Students who have Mrs. Frazier, Ms. Winkels, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Gordon or Mr. Parker will need to pick up their personalized At-Home Learning packet on Mondays from 5-7pm at the BISD Administration Offices. Please contact those teachers if you have any questions.

Band Instrument Pick Up (For PERSONAL Instruments ONLY)

PERSONAL INSTRUMENT PICK UP- No school horns will be checked out at this time.

Wednesday April 8th 10:30am- 12:30pm

Thursday April 9th 11am-1pm

To get PERSONAL INSTRUMENTS pull into Evans circle drive to meet Mrs. Lunsford at the main front entrance. Please do not exit your vehicle, roll down windows to communicate. Mrs. Lunsford will then go into the building and retrieve your students' instrument.

Only PERSONAL INSTRUMENTS will be retrieved at this time- no other equipment will be handed out. Please know your students band locker number to help expedite the process.

BONUS ACTIVITY-Consumer Science (Optional)

We have talked throughout the year about the importance of keeping track of your daily activities, using organization techniques to help manage stress and be successful. In this assignment you will create a daily schedule for an entire week, this schedule should be detailed and repeatable. Make sure you spend time thinking about your personal and academic goals and understand how and why planning and setting goals can affect your everyday life. Finally, please take time to take care of yourself, complete an activity either independently or with a family member that helps decrease stress levels. I have given you several suggestions but feel free to find your own activities you can do! Someone can take pictures of you doing this and you can email them to Mrs. Sewell at marsha.sewell@bonhamisd.org for the yearbook. Distance learning can be tough, but we are fighting Bonham Indians and we can do it! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at amanda.dematos@bonhamisd.org or call/text me on google voice number! (314)-635-0929.

Family and Consumer Sciences


Students will have the option to complete two Art assignments this week to express creativity and imagination.

Assignment #1

“Make a Color Wheel” is easy and simple to create at home. All you have to do is find objects around your house. For a bonus they can take a picture of their "Found Object Color Wheel" and email it to Mrs. Long at linda.long@bonhamisd.org.

Assignment #2

Students will make their own “Comic Strip” about their experiences of learning at home or come up with another creative story of their own. Follow the instructions on the worksheet and be Creative!


Fan Favorite

1. To play fan favorite you’ll need 1 book, 1 plastic bag and 2 paper balls.

2. Place the paper balls on opposite sides of the room. They should be at least 10 feet apart.

3. The object of the game is to fan the paper bag from one paper ball to the other using the book as your fan. Time limit is one minute.

4. Play with family or friends and see who can make the most trips. You may place the balls at a different distance if you need to for tie breakers.

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