The Diary of Anne Frank

By: Simon Stone


Three similarities between Anne in the play and Anne in the story is that they are both positive. They try to look on the bright side of things. The second similarity is they both take interest in Peter. The last similarity is that they both dislike their mom at first, by grow out of it by the end. Three differences are Anne in the book is more introspective and thinks more. She asks herself more questions. The second difference is that Anne is more curious about the world around her. She is constantly questioning why things are the way the are. The final difference is that Anne in the book expresses her interests and concerns more often.

Pivotal Action

A pivotal action taken by Anne in the story (and the play) is when she begins to talk to Peter. I think she did this because she wished she had someone to talk to. If she hadn't done this, the story would have been different because Anne might have not had anyone to talk to except for her diary.